We are all cat lovers around here. In fact, as I’ve been reading my husband’s take on our life with our kitty cat Milo (Life with Milo #1, Life with Milo #2, Life with Milo #3 and finally, you guessed it: Life with Milo #4) I came to realize that even HE is a complete and utter cat lover now. Right, so we all love to read about cats: How to understand cats, cat stories, and so on. If it’s about cats, well, we are likely glad to pick that book up and give it a read.

5 of our Favourite Cat Books – on Sale!

So, when I found some entertaining and downright helpful cat books on Book Outlet I was pretty excited. Just look at some of these awesome cat books I found! (This post contains affiliate links – thanks for helping to support all the cat loving stuff we do around here!)

  • Your Cat, The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Marty Becker Sale price $7.29 (I love this book, but had to chuckle at thinking that cats would ever think we owned them…)
  • Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield Sale price $5.79 – 25 million YouTube fans of this cat comic strip can’t be wrong! This cranky cat makes me laugh, because for some strange reason I have a soft spot for the crankiest of felines.
  • A Cat Named Swan (picture book) Sale price $5.79. A sweet tale of one cat – Swan – who is rescued and finds his own paradise life. All accompanied by the lovely watercolor paintings of Holly Hobbie. Also makes a sweet gift for a cat lover.
  • Cat Wise – America’s Favorite Cat Expert –Sale price $9.39 answers all of your cat behavior questions by Pam Johnson-Bennett. All of the questions you want to ask about these crazy little critters, but didn’t know where to ask them!
  • Cuddly Cat by Clare Fennell – is a beautiful book for babies, toddlers and children that has a soft, knitted cover! This one features a ginger kitty, and would make a super cute baby shower gift. Sale price $7.29.

To find the above cat books and more, simply click on the banner below, and then search ‘cats’. Enjoy browsing through the (gasp!) more than 1000 cat books you’ll find!

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