Cat Beds

Okay, let’s be honest – cats will sleep just about anywhere! But, a lot of felines love a special spot all their own to snuggle down into, and curl up into a deep sleep. If you have other pets in the household also, giving your cats a bed of their own will be a comfort to them. You can keep a cozy cat bed available in your bedroom, in the living room or your office – wherever your cat buddies want to snuggle up and have a great big cat nap. Because, no one can sleep like a cat! So, make their sleeping environment one that is truly relaxing and comforting.

Cat Cave Cat Bed in natural felted wool – Gift Package

Cat Cave Cozy Bed, Exclusive Felted Wool – Pet Infinity (Grey)
This beautiful cave style cat bed is made of natural felted wool – so nice! It comes in a lovely deep grey shade, and the shape of it is just perfect for a kitty to crawl inside and fall into a nice, deep sleep. As cats love to do, of course.
* Comes ready to give as a gift, in a cute drawstring bag. This would be a great gift for a new cat owner!
Current price $69.97 with FREE Shipping (It was on sale at time of writing.)

Bedsure Cat Beds (Self-warming cat bed) – Warming bed for older cats

Bedsure Cat Beds for Indoor Cats – Cat Bed with Reversible Cushion for Joint-Relief and Sleep Improvement – Machine Washable – Grey, 25x21x9 inches
This stylish cat bed is great for indoor cats, and also ideal for older cats or ones who have joint issues. Features a super-soft microfiber lining and cushion and there is a special layer of metalized insulation that radiates the cats’ body warmth back! So, it is a self-warming cat bed that requires no outside warming of the cushion (such as in the microwave, etc.) Wonderful for older cats who have chronic pain or joint problems.
Warms your pet without the danger of electricity of cords. *Which I would be terrified to use!
Machine washable.
Current price is $36.99 with FREE Shipping

Window Perch Cat Bed – Perfect for Cats who love to sunbathe! (Holds up to 50 lbs)

Cat Hammock Window Bed with 4 Strong Suction Cups Holds Up 50lb,Window Perches for Pet Kitten Window Seat with a Feather Teaser and a Cat Paw Print Blanket
Wow! Now this is perfect for a cat who just loves to lie in the sun…and isn’t that all cats?!? This window cat bed attaches with super strong suction cups right onto the window!
This cat bed holds up to 50 lbs, so a couple of cats could definitely snuggle together on this one.
This cute cat bed set also comes with a soft cat paw print blanket, and a feather cat toy. So, again, would make an ideal gift for a cat owner.
Current price is $43.99 with FREE Shipping

Our favourite cat beds include regular cat beds, but also the cave-type cat beds. Cats LOVE to snuggle in a private little sleeping space, so those are always popular.