Litter Boxes

Litter boxes are very important for your pet cat. They need a spot where they can use the bathroom, and one that is durable and easy for you to clean. If a box has all of those qualities, then you may have found the perfect litter box!

Thankfully, there are a wide variety of litter boxes available now. They are available in many sizes, styles and even materials such as stainless steel. Some of our very favourites are found below:

Amazon Basics Covered Litter Box with Door

AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box, Standard

* This is an awesome litter box choice, as it’s covered and even has a door for cats to have privacy as they use the facilities! (Some cats can be shy to use the litter box around other cats or humans, so this might help them.)
* Door swings easily in and out, so cat can get in or out without any difficulty.
* If you prefer there to be no door, the door is easy to remove.
* Features a carbon filter to even further limit the amount of odours given off by the cats in their litter box
Current price $31.73

Ohmaker’s OhmBox – Stainless Steel Litter Box for Cats

Ohmaker’s OhmBox – Stainless Steel Cat Litter Box, Extra Large, Never Absorbs Odors, Stains or Rusts
This litter box – made entirely of a high grade stainless steel – will be one you’ll pretty much have forever! It will not stain, absorb odours or rust – EVER!
* Made with rounded edges, so there is no chance that your pet will hurt themself. Nice and comfy for them to use.
* Because it’s made of a superior material (Stainless) you’ll never need to replace this. So, over time you’ll save money versus needing to replace plastic litter boxes which can absorb odours over time.
* Extra large size is good for even a multi-cat household. (It’s highly recommended, however, that you get a litter box for each cat in your house. We even have two just for our one kitty, Milo!)
* Super easy to clean! Empty out all the litter, and give a good scrub with soapy water and then rinse. Dry with a towel OR allow to fully air dry.
Current price $94.95

Top Entry Litter Box with Scoop included

IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box with Cat Litter Scoop, White and Beige
This top entry litter box is a great one if your cat is in a household that also contains dogs! You can just imagine your cat saying: “Go away you pesky beast!” when the dog is hassling them in the litter box.
* With this litter box, only the cat can successfully get inside. Meaning your dog won’t bother them in the litter box AND can’t play with or (ugh!) eat the cat poop! Sorry, I know that’s gross, but I’ve heard that dogs have been known to do that occasionally.
* This is a highly private cat litter box
* Good for cats that are nimble enough to get inside, and not too heavy either. For older, or heavier cats I’d go with one of the other options, above.
Current price $35.00

Cat litter boxes come in enclosed styles with doors, in stainless steel, and even in a top-entry style which is perfect for multi-pet households! If you’re looking for litter boxes that look like furniture (or are hidden inside pieces of furniture) please check our article about that here.