“Oh, I just adore your new side table, Marge.”

“Thanks, Amy. I just got it online the other day. Doesn’t the deep espresso tone work with the rest of my living room furniture?”

“It sure does. But…but, wait! Did I just see what I thought I saw?”

Marge chuckled. “In a space this small, it only makes sense for a piece of furniture to be multipurpose! And in this case, that it’s also a litter box.”

That scenario may be a little, urm, cheesey? But, the day has come when some of us live in such small, compact spaces that furniture does indeed need to serve more than one function. Thankfully, you can purchase some pretty stylish looking side tables that also have a litter box hidden inside. Talk about ingenuity!

Check out the options below that would work well in any available space – in a living room, storage area, or even a bedroom – to provide some additional storage, plus provide an enclosed cat litter box for your beloved pet. If you have a spare bedroom, these would make an amazing option! (Just make sure to warn guests before they see your kitten running in to the side table in their room to take a bathroom break!)

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