Litter Box Furniture – How to hide a litter box in your home or condo

Have you ever wished you could buy a piece of furniture that was functional, but also would hide away your cat’s litter box? Is your space so small that you need to have multi-function pieces in order to have everything fit inside the limited space?

The day has come when some of us live in such small, compact spaces that furniture does indeed need to serve more than one function. Thankfully, you can purchase some pretty stylish looking side tables that also have a litter box hidden inside. Talk about ingenuity! We even found an awesome bench that works well at giving you a spot to put on shoes or boots AND hiding the cat’s litter box.

Sometimes space isn’t the only issue involved when it comes to determining where to place your cat’s litter box. Maybe you just don’t want it to be out in the open, or you want it to be hidden to prevent issues with odors. Again, in that case, a piece of furniture that hides a cat litter box may be the perfect solution.

Check out the options below that would work well in any available space – in a living room, storage area, or even a bedroom – to provide some additional storage, plus provide an enclosed cat litter box for your beloved pet. If you have a spare bedroom, these would make an amazing option! (Just make sure to warn guests before they see your kitten running in to the side table in their room to take a bathroom break!)

Refined Feline Mahogany Finish Enclosed Cat Litter Box Side Table

The Refined Feline Litter Box, XLarge, Mahogany

Current price $312.55 with FREE Shipping

Please note that price is current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Now this is a beautiful piece of furniture to store away your cat’s litter box in! Just look at some of the awesome features it has:
* Extra large size will fit even a larger sized litter box inside.
* Even fits most electronic cat litter boxes! (Also called robot cat litter boxes.) It’s impressive that even robot litter boxes will fit inside, since those tend to be pretty large.
* Top storage drawer
* Beautiful looking piece of furniture in an appealing mahogany finish.
* High ratings! 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Hidden Litter Boxes – Litter Box inside Storage Bench

Unipaws Cat Litter Box Cover Enclosure, Cat Washroom Storage Bench, Indoor Cat House

Current price is $210.25 with FREE Shipping (Price can change at any time; current at time of writing.)

This one has impressed me! This specially designed storage bench is intended to hide away your cat’s litter box! This is an incredible idea, plus provides you or your cat with a cool bench to sit on too.
* Helps keep the litter box hidden away, and the area neat and tidy, since it’s all contained inside!
* Simple to put together – you just need one Philip’s screwdriver (not provided.)
* Receives high ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars

Privacy cat litter boxes – Conclusion

These pieces of furniture look beautiful AND hide away a litter box. This might also be nice for your cat, who would prefer some privacy while they’re using the bathroom. Plus, they keep the cat box hidden away from view. You and your cat will be perfectly happy with these solutions.

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