Can Cats Eat Cucumber?

Can cats eat cucumber? Cucumbers are lovely! Besides being good for you, they are very refreshing. They are great if you cook them in recipes. And are even better raw along with your favorite dip or sauce. I could eat cucumbers all day and everyday! However, is cucumbers good for my boy Tabby cat? We all know that cats in general are carnivores. They can eat some plants but a lot of plants are pretty toxic to them. So what should I do the next time I am enjoying my cucumber and my furry comes over and tries to grab a piece? Can he eat it?

Can Cats Eat Cucumber? Yes

I went to the ASPCA website and they have a list of all plants that are toxic to cats and a list of plants that are non toxic to cats. These lists are quite extensive and you might need to know the scientific term for the plant you are trying to find out about. Fortunately, if you go to the list of plants that are non toxic to cats, you will find cucumber is listed there. So cats can eat cucumber and not get sick from it being toxic. That is good news and a relief!


Cats can eat cucumbers among other things. This is good news. However, regarding if our cats can eat food that we normally eat, it is always good to check and be sure because a lot of the food we eat and think is fine might not be for our feline friends. The ASPCA website that I mentioned above is a great resource in seeing what plants are good and what are not. So the next time you are enjoying your cucumber and your cat buddy comes over and looks at you with sad eyes. Perhaps you can cut off a tiny piece and let him enjoy the tasty goodness of this wonderful food. Stay safe fellow cat lovers!

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