Etsy Cat Trees – Luxury Wooden cat tree

Hi all! Today we’re excited to show off our first cat tree from Etsy. We’ve recently partnered with Etsy, and the moment we saw this unique cat tree offering we knew it would the first featured here on the blog. Why? Because it is simply stunning.

We had been searching for some time for a wooden cat tree – a type of cat tree that many people were looking for. Plus, how about something that would fit in perfectly if you have a more modern design element in your home? Okay…we think we’ve discovered the most beautiful wooden cat tree, and one that is sleek and modern.

No matter how sleek and modern your decor is, this lovely wooden cat tree will please both you and your cat companion.

This beautiful cat tree offering by the Mau Store has so much going for it. Look at some of the details that might make this the right cat tree for you and your beloved pet:

  • Handmade cat tree/cat furniture
  • Materials include sturdy real tree branches, carefully crafted and meant to last.
  • Main level kitty condo with plush, soft covering. A perfect little place for kitty to hide or chill out. Or, of course do what cats do so very well – snooze!
  • Two spacious woven baskets for your cat to lounge, or curl up and sleep. And the plush, soft cushions in each basket is removable and fully machine washable – an awesome feature!
  • Your choice of colour for the plush covering: white, grey, or brown.
  • Each piece is unique and will be ever so slightly different.
  • Each basket/perch holds cats up to 25 lbs – so even large cats will love this cat tree!
  • Minimalist and stylish design. Very unique compared to many traditional cat trees.

If you’ve been wanting a really beautiful piece of cat furniture to surprise your pet, then this might be what you’ve waited for. It receives a perfect 5 star rating! We hope it takes your fancy, and that of your gorgeous feline.

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