Scratching Posts

Scratching posts and cardboard (corrugated) scratching boards and pads are a necessity for any cat owner! Cats really need to scratch things, and if they don’t have something intended for that purpose, then they’ll scratch away and damage your furniture. To prevent that, provide your pet with at least one scratching post. (In our apartment we have two – one scratching post and one scratching cardboard pad, located in different areas. We find that having a couple works really well.)

Here are some of our favourites:

32″ high PAWZ Scratching post with toy

PAWZ Road 32″ Cat Scratching Post,Kitten Scratch Toy Climbing Sisal Scratcher with Dangling Toy
This one is a nice tall scratching post, at 32 inches tall!
Super sturdy construction
Includes a cute dangling toy for kitty to play with in between bouts of scratching
Very well balanced, making it safe for even larger cats to stretch out on and start scratching!
$69.99 with FREE Shipping

Catit Cardboard Scratching Pad with Catnip

Catit Scratcher with Catnip, Wide
This is our favourite cardboard scratching pad! When Milo scratches through one (in about six months or so), we replace it with a new one. This is an excellent and economical choice at only $7.99
Comes with catnip – use that to sprinkle on the cardboard scratcher to entice your cat to use it. This technique really works!

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching post 22″ tall

PAWZ Road Cat Scratching Post Combines with Cat Interactive Toy 22 Inches Gray
This smaller scratching post is an excellent choice for small to medium sized cats
Nice sturdy base to allow cats to safely scratch
Comes with an extra sisal post you can use when the cats scratch through the first one. That makes this a great bargain!
$34.99 with FREE Shipping