50 Cute and Memorable Cat Names – Names for Cats and Kittens

The day you bring home a new pet – whether it’s a brand new little kitten or a new adult cat – is such an exciting day! Your new pet is truly a new member of the family, and they’ll be part of your family for years to come. So, you want to choose a name for them very carefully; a name that really represents who they are.

Sometimes, a name just pops to mind as soon as you meet your new buddy! (The dearest cat we ever had – Chili – was like that for me. When we stood in the pet store, and I held her I said to her: “You are my little Chili pepper.” I said that lovingly to her as she had tucked her little head right into my armpit, hoping to be safe there. I loved her from that very moment on! And that was history! Chili was her name forevermore. It suited her sweet little self perfectly.

But, there are other times when you need a little help and inspiration to name your new cat or kitten. So, we are here to help! I hope some other readers will add their ideas for great cat names to the comments section, too. For now – here are some awesome cat names:

  1. Abby – A great little name for a cute girl cat. Also, Abbey or Abbi. Or Abigail as a proper name.
  2. Aidan – Boy cat name – also Aiden
  3. Alfred or Alfie – how cute! So British sounding, which I always love. Alf for short.
  4. Amber – a pretty girl’s name. Super appropriate if the kitty has pretty amber colouring or amber coloured eyes.
  5. Archie – So sweet as a little boy cat’s name. Archibald for fancier. (And yes, I know that Meghan and Harry’s baby is named the same, but a cat is our baby, too! 🙂 )
  6. Bailey – Great for boy or girl cats or kittens. A lovely sounding pet name.
  7. Beanie – Cute for boys or girls. Beanie Baby could be the full name, if you like.
  8. Bella – Is Italian for beautiful. Such a sweet option.
  9. Benson – Benny for short. Definitely for boy cats, but kind of cute for girl cats, too. (Especially the shortened Benny name.)
  10. Carmel or Carmello – For either a girl or boy. Carmello Anthony is a famous basketball player, so it’s a great name for a boy cat! Especially if he’s athletic. Ha!
  11. Charlie – I love this for a cat name! How sweet. I think any pet at all named Charlie – well, it’s a worthy pet name. Charles for fancy. For some reason I think I’d always be calling the kitten Charlie-poo. haha
  12. Chelsea – Just lovely for a girl kitty. A pretty name.
  13. Chopper – Cute boy kitten name. Just sounds like a cat that gets into a whole lot of mischief.
  14. Daisy – A super adorable name for a girl.
  15. Diego – A boy’s cat name that is stylish. Just D for short.
  16. Dora is the Explorer, and boy do cats like to explore! Curious little things.
  17. Duchess if the girl cat is a true pretty princess type.
  18. Eduardo – super cool boy cat name! Eddie for short.
  19. Elliott is a classic boys’ name, so it’s perfect for cats, too.
  20. Enzo – Stylish and memorable for a boy cat. Totally cool for a girl, too.
  21. Felicity is a wonderful girl name. Could call Lissy for short – in my mind, that makes sense. (You might disagree! haha)
  22. Floyd for a boy. Just sounds like an old boy kitty who knows what’s going on; an old timey name.
  23. Gigi – A short, simple and super cute girl name.
  24. Ginger – good for either a boy or girl, especially if they’re a ginger tabby. Or, be different and name your cat Ginger no matter what they look like. Ginny for short.
  25. Harlow – An old time movie classic name. For boy or girl cats. So sweet.
  26. Harrison – A great boy cat name. Harry for short, of course.
  27. Hoover or Hooves – Both are cute, mostly for boys I would think.
  28. Ivy – A wonderful name for a girl cat. Short and sweet, easy to use and call their name.
  29. Jack, Jackson – For a boy or girl cat. Classic. ‘Jack the Cat.’
  30. Java – For either boy or girl. Perfect for coffee lovers, of course. Or, if the kitty has some pretty coffee brown shades in their fur.
  31. Kevin the Cat – It just sounds right.
  32. Leonardo – A strong boy name! Leo of course, for a shortened version.
  33. Lola – For a precious girl cat. A name that has great meaning to my heart.
  34. Macey – Cute for a girl. Or Mace for a boy, as well.
  35. Max – A classic name for boy or girl cats. Also, Maxamillion for something fancy.
  36. Milo – A great name for boy cats. I had to include that one, because that is our buddy’s name! We call him all sorts of shortened forms, but especially Miley. (Which is also a cute name on its own merits.)
  37. Nelson – A great boy name.
  38. Nixon – I am not a crook! But this name is a cool one for cats. Nixxy for short?
  39. Pansy for a girl. A feminine little name.
  40. Pearl for a girl. Ahh, and it even rhymes.
  41. Rascal for a boy or girl. It seems appropriate, given a cat’s curious nature.
  42. Ringo for a boy or girl, too.
  43. Sammy for a boy or girl, or just Sam. Another classic name that never gets old.
  44. Spike for a boy (or a girl if you like.)
  45. Stella would be sweet for a girl cat.
  46. Taylor – boy or girl. I just remembered I knew a cat named Taylor once! She was a darling.
  47. Timmy is cute for a boy kitten. Or, when he’s being a nut – you can call him his full and proper name, Timothy.
  48. Trent – my husband just contributed this one. I’m not sure why, but I really hope one of you cat lovers likes it too!
  49. Winky is so cute sounding! Winks for short, possibly.
  50. Winston is another awesome British-inspired name. For an elegant boy kitten.

Wow, that was so much fun! I hope you found just the right name for the beloved new member of your household, or perhaps even now have a few names to choose from. As I mentioned before, we’d love to hear what YOU have named your cats, and why. Also, if you’d like to share another idea for a cat name – please leave it as a comment. Thanks, you wonderful cat people, you!