Abbotsford Cat Trees – Cat Condos and Furniture in BC

Hello again, cat lovers! We are once again on the hunt for the very best cat trees, cat furniture, cat condos, kitty houses and all sorts of amazing stuff for your pet. We firmly believe that cats are the best pets (sorry dogs, guinea pigs, and hamsters, but we’re partial to felines around these parts). And therefore, we try our best to find awesome cat furniture for your home. And not only to look good, but pieces of cat furniture that your pet cat will really want to get up on and use! That is the goal of buying a cat tree. This time we are looking at cat trees in Abbotsford.

Abbotsford is our latest search area when it comes to cat trees across this big country of Canada. We went looking for custom cat trees, inexpensive cat trees, and everything in between. (We even found a pretty sleek modern cat tree that we hadn’t seen before.) Now, here’s what we found.

Abbotsford Cat Trees – Mr. Pet’s Pet store

The first location we discovered was a locally owned pet store in Abbotsford called Mr. Pet’s. This store is located at 32497 South Fraser Way. Mr Pet’s has a number of locations throughout British Columbia and one in Alberta. They stock cat beds, scratching posts and a number of cat trees. During the COVID-19 pandemic (still active during time of writing), they offer curbside pickup, which is wonderful!

Abbotsford Cat Trees – Petsmart Pet stores

There are two different locations of Petsmart stores in Abbotsford, BC. One is at 1305 Sumas Way and the other is at High Street Shopping area, the address being: 3122 Mount Lehman Road, Unit M100. They offer cat beds, scratching posts, and a selection of cat trees. They also are currently offering curbside pickup to ease your shopping experience during the coronavirus pandemic.

Buying Cat Trees online

Or…we also found a few of our favourites that you can purchase online. If you’re curled up and cozy on the sofa, and you want to purchase a gift for your cat that way and have it delivered right to your door…well, this option is the one for you! (And it sounds like we’d get along, by the way. Ha!)

PAWZ Road Modern Cat Tree with Tall Scratching post

PAWZ Road Modern Cat Tree with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts, Spacious Condo and Large Perch for Cats
Ooh, now this one is super sleek! Rather than a traditional cat tree design, this one is chic and modern, and will fit into your decor a lot better if that’s the style of your home. Here are some of the features of this modern cat tree:
* Maximized stability – designed to be super stable
* Tall sisal covered scratching post. Some cat trees have stubby little cat scratching posts, but not this one! This will allow even taller (longer) cats to stretch out and have a really satisfying scratch.
* Sturdy cat condo that the cat can jump right into. Also called a cat cave or cat house. Cats love these! They feel nice and secure inside and snuggle up and have a sleep.
* Sleek and streamlined, not entirely carpeted as a lot of cat trees are.
Current price $109.99 with FREE Shipping

Midwest Homes for Pets Cat Tower with 5 Levels

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree | Tower Cat Furniture, 5-Tier Cat Tree w/Sisal Wrapped Support Scratching Posts
Okay, we have another contender here! This unique cat tower features:
* 5 tiers or levels so cats have lots of places and spaces to climb!
* Cat cube – again, another awesome spot for kitty to crawl into to chill out or have a snooze.
* Lots of sisal covered scratching posts. Sisal is an excellent material, because it’s long lasting and durable.
* Looks awesome – with faux fur and a contrasting fabric
* A top perch, which is always a popular feature. Cats LOVE to climb up to the top perch and hang out and look at their world all around them.
Current price $116.11 with FREE Shipping

So, there are some beautiful cat trees and towers for you guys to ponder over. We hope we’ve made your journey to purchasing a cat tree in Abbotsford a little easier, and that your cat buddy will be happy with whichever cat tree you bring home. And we all know – a happy cat makes for a happy life. What would we do without our little feline pals?

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