Cat Adoption in Calgary – home for a friend

Cat adoption in Calgary. It is a wonderful thing. For us cat lovers, nothing saddens us more than to know that there are many feline buddies who do not have a home due to neglect and abuse. Cats are unique and can bring a lot of joy to ones’ life. They have personality; they are quirky and they are lovable. When I look at my furry friend, I am thankful and know that he’s has played a role in making my life complete. That is what a cat can do for you. It’s wonderful! So if you want to experience this joy yourself, I encourage you to think about cat adoption in Calgary. There are a few organizations who are working hard to find cats a loving home. Here are a few below.

Cat Adoption in Calgary

Calgary Humane Society – Located on 4455 110 Ave SE, this organization has been sheltering and adopting animals for over 90 years. Wow! On their website, there is a large listing of cats and other animals available for adoption. Adoption fees for cats are $245.00 for kittens, $165.00 for adult cats, $75.00 for senior cats. There is also a discount for adopting bonded cats. Great! Note, adoption is currently done by appointment only.

MEOW Foundation – Located on 336 41 Ave NE, this is a specialized cat focused registered charity and humane society with a no kill mandate. At their website, there is an extensive list of cats that can be adopted. The adoption fees for kittens are $225.00, adult cats $175.00, and for senior cats you can name your fee (minimum $50.00). There is also a discount if you adopt multiple cats. lovely!

Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society – Located on 5060 74 Ave SE, this is a non profit animal rescue organization. You can see a large number of cats that you can adopt from their website. Adoption fees for kittens are $225.00, two kittens $400.00, adult cats $100.00, for bonded adult cats $150.00, and for senior cats $60.00. Note that these fees are reduced if you adopt a cat that was chosen for cat of the week. Excellent!


If you live in the city of Calgary and you are looking for a friend, then adopting a cat might be for you. Cats are low maintenance, they have personality and they are fun to cuddle with. There are many cats that need a loving home and if you want your heart to be warmed by a little cat buddy, then cat adoption might be for you. Meow!