Cat Cafes in Seattle – Java and Purrs!

Cat cafes in Seattle. Who knew? For many of us on this side of the Pacific this would have seemed strange. However, many of us are cat lovers, so having a cat cafe would be welcomed. Many of us live busy lives and unfortunately some cannot have a pet cat to welcome them home after a long day. This can be disheartening as us cat lovers need our quality feline time. Fortunately for cat lovers in the Emerald city, there are cat cafes to fill that void. Yes, there are actually places for cat lovers to go where you can hang out with a furry buddy. Here is one that you might want to visit.

Cat Cafes in Seattle

NEKO – A Cat Cafe – Located on 519 E Pine St, this cat cafe has partnered with local animal shelters to bring in adoptable cats and as a result, most cats are adoptable. You will need to make a reservation and the cost is $11 per person for 55 minutes of time in the cat room. There is a wide variety of drinks such as coffee, tea, beer, wine and sake. There is also an assortment of sweet and savory snacks. This cat cafe also has ‘happy cat hour’ from 3pm to 6pm daily. Nice!


Imagine. Having a cup of your favorite java in one hand and petting a feline friend on the other. It’s the best of both worlds and for cat lovers, this is our dream! However, due to finances, circumstances and lifestyle having a cat might not be possible. Thankfully there are cat cafes in Seattle and this trend will keep growing. So if you are a cat lover in Seattle, but cannot have a cat friend of your own have no fear because cat cafes are now here! So drink, scratch and enjoy. Cats Rule!

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