Are you are a cat lover? I am and enjoy spending quality time with my furry buddy. We cat lovers are a unique breed because we thrive on the quirky nature of our cats! Unfortunately, there are cat lovers who cannot have a feline friend in their home. What to do? Fortunately, there are cat cafes popping up to provide them with their feline fix.

So, what is a cat cafe? It is a place where not only can you grab a cup of java but also spend some quality time with a cat friend. What a concept! Cat cafes are popular in other areas of the world and are beginning to catch on here in Canada. This is good news for cat lovers!

Cat Cafes – Vancouver BC

Vancouver is a gorgeous city! You have the mountains on one side and the Pacific ocean on the other. Add in the temperate weather and there’s little wonder why so many people want to live there. As a result, more and more cat lovers are moving to Vancouver and need some quality cat time. Here are a couple of cat cafes for you to visit:

Catfe – Located at Unit 2035 2nd floor, International Village Mall, 88 W. Pender St., this cat cafe currently has 13 cats in its lounge for you to interact with and even adopt. You can enjoy cat themed drinks and snacks such as catpuccinos. The cafe has found homes for nearly 700 cats since 2015. Lovely!

Catoro – (Opening in summer of 2019) This soon to be opened cat cafe will be located on 666 East Broadway and will have a cafe and lounge on one side and a cat cuddling area on the other side. One of the main functions of this cat cafe is to find homes for the cats in residence. Great!


Cat cafes are not only cool places to hang out, but they help cat lovers satisfy their cat cuddling needs. Yes, in this ever changing and hectic world, the cuddles and affection from a cat buddy can go a long way to help us to cope and keep sane. Long live cat cafes!

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