Cat Trees Brandon, Manitoba – Feline Furniture and Fun

Where would I look for cat trees in Brandon, Manitoba? Fortunately, in Brandon there are options. This is good because there are many cat lovers here and they want their cat buddies to be happy. And what better way to achieve this than to give our cats the ultimate gift? Yes, a cat tree ensures years of fun and bliss for your feline friend AKA your pet cat. So, where can I find some cat trees in Brandon Manitoba? Here are a few places that we discovered, below.

Cat Trees Brandon Manitoba

Pet Valu – Located on1300 18th Street, this pet store offers both in store service and curbside pick up. Their website shows a nice selection of cat trees, kitty condos, cat scratchers, scratching posts, cat hammocks, and cat beds. The prices vary to meet all budgets. Some services offered are cat grooming and cat adoption but I would check ahead to verify that all those services are still being offered during the pandemic.

PetSmart – Located on 1350 18th Street Unit E, this pet store has in store shopping and curbside pick up. This location also offers grooming services. Their website shows a good selection of cat trees, cat towers, cat condos, scratching posts, cat scratchers, cat tunnels, cat beds, and window perch. The prices vary a bit to meet all budgets.

Best West Pet Foods – Located on 223 18th Street North #3, this pet store has both in store and curbside pick up. I called the store and they indicated that have a few cat trees for sale. The store also has cat toys and treats, along with other necessary cat supplies like cat food and cat litter.

Shop Online for Cat Trees

What’s not to love about snuggling up on the couch and shopping with your phone in hand? So, if you just don’t want to face the outdoors, but want to browse through some excellent cat towers and cat condos, then here are some to choose from. AND, we only select highly rated cat trees, so you can rest assured that the quality is high.

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Multilevel and Luxury Cat Towers 50 Inches with 2 Condos, Spacious Perches, Scratching Post, Dangling Balls and Ramp Gray

FEANDREA 60 Inch Cat Tree Tower with Sisal-Covered Scratching Post Plush Perch, Dark Gray UPCT90G


Cat trees in Brandon are here! That is great because they provide so many benefits to our cat friends such as exercise and relaxation, and also a place to hide out that is entirely their own. Your furry friend will be healthier and happier and you will be showered with purrs and cuddles. And that is wonderful because there is no better stress releaser than the love and affection of our cat buddy which is needed more than ever. Stay safe cat lovers!

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