Cat Trees Gatineau Quebec – Cat Condos & More!

Anyone looking for cat trees in Gatineau Quebec? Well, you have come to the right place as this city has many cat lovers. And they appreciate the many benefits of having a cat buddy in their life. As a result, they want to return that love and appreciation by giving them the ultimate gift! What is that? A cat or cat condo of course! Yes this is the gift that keeps on giving. Your cat buddy will get years of fun and bliss from this gift. So where can you get a cat tree in Gatineau? Here are a couple of the best locations below.

Cat Trees Gatineau Quebec

Mondou – This pet store chain has two locations in Gatineau. The first is at 655 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, and the second is on 25 Chemin de la Savane. The store is currently open and has free shipping for orders over $79.00 before taxes. The website has large selection of cat trees, cat scratchers, scratching posts, cat tunnels, cat perch, cat towers, cat wall shelf, cat cottages, cat condos, cat tipi, cat stools, cat cubes, cat beds, cat pillows, cat lounges, cat blankets, cat caves and cat tents. Prices on these items vary to meet all budgets.

Au Royaume des Animaux – Located on 361 Boulevard Maloney O, this pet store is currently open. It has free delivery for orders over a $115.00. Their website show a nice selection of of cat trees, cat condos, cat towers, cat hammock, cat cubes, cat tunnel, cat sleeping pad, scratching post and cat furniture.  They are sold at a variety of prices to meet a variety of pocket books.

Online Cat Trees:

FEANDREA 56.3 Inches Cat Tree Tower, Scratching Post Plush Perches Hammock Condo, Light Gray UPCT15W


Cat trees in Gatineau Quebec are available aplenty. This is great because what better gift can we get for our cat buddy? If you do, the benefits are many. Just think of the extra licks and cuddles you will receive in appreciation. A happy cat means an even happier life for you. It means a life that will have more smiles and less stress. And that is something that all of us need more today. Stay safe cat friends!