Cat Trees Mississauga Ontario, Cat Fun!

Looking for cat trees in Mississauga Ontario? No worries there as this city houses many cat lovers and as a result there are many options. Yes there are many pet stores in this vibrant city and many of them have cat trees. This is great because a cat tree is the ultimate gift you can give your feline friend. Not only will your furry buddy be happier but they will be healthier too! it is a win win! So where can I purchase a cat tree? Here are a few options below:

Cat Trees Mississauga Ontario

Wonder Pet Furniture Manufacturing – Located on 5511 Tomken Road, this company has been manufacturing cat furniture since 2014. Their website shows a wide selection of products they make. Some of the furniture they produce are cat trees, kitty condos, scratching posts, cat houses, and cat scratchers.

Pet Smart – There are various locations in the Mississauga area. They have a good selection of cat trees, cat towers, kitty condos, scratching posts, cat scratchers, cat beds, and window perches. They are available at a variety of prices to meet any kind of budget.

Pet Valu – With various locations in the Mississauga area, their stores of both in store services and curbside pick up. Their website shows nice selection of cat trees, kitty condos, scratching posts, cat scratchers, cat lounges, and cat tunnels. The price range varies to meet a variety of pocket books.

Order Cat Trees Online

Etsy Cat Trees – Handmade cat trees

Or, if you’d like to browse a few options online to order and get delivered right away, we have you covered as well! We love the Etsy marketplace because through it you can order handmade or even custom made cat furniture that are truly unique pieces. There are hundreds of different types to choose from: you can find them all here on Etsy. There are some that use driftwood, some that have woven baskets for kitty to sleep in – you can find something that looks great and that your cat will love.

Cat Trees Amazon – Bestsellers

Amazon has a very wide selection of cat trees from top cat tree/cat furniture manufacturers. Some of the top rated cat trees on Amazon right now are:

  • This SIMPLE three-tier small cat tower. It looks like a very simple option, and easy to put together. When setting up a cat tree, a simple option may well be the best option! The posts are sisal rope covered, making them a perfect place for your cat to get their scratching groove on. (We wrote about the importance of a cat’s scratching here.) This cat tower receives a perfect 5/5 star rating with 74 reviews as of time of writing.
  • Want something extra special for your kitty? Then maybe this great big EXTRAVAGANZA of a cat tree is more to your liking! This Feandrea cat tree (we wrote about more Feandrea cat trees in this article) is a whopping 67 inches tall! (That’s about 5.6 feet to you and I.) There are all sorts of levels, kitty condos built right in, and even three fully carpeted cat perches for all your cats to hang out and view their kingdom. Customers love this one too – it receives a 4.5/5 star average rating with over 4000 reviews. Wow!


Finding cat trees in Mississauga is not a hard ship which is great! Not only will your cat benefit from it, but you will be showered with love more than ever from your cat buddy! Cat trees is the gift that keeps on giving as your cat will have years of fun and bliss from it. You can’t get much better than that!

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