Cat Trees Petsmart – Towers, Condos for all Cat Sizes!

Looking for cat trees at Petsmart? That is a smart decision as this pet store chain has a variety of cat trees available to buy. The nice thing about Petsmart is that it’s stores are all over the country. They are in big cities and small towns alike. This is great for cat lovers you want to purchase the ultimate gift for their cat buddy. Unlike other pet stores that usually only have a limited number of cat trees, Petsmart always has a good selection in all shape and sizes. The selection is even better if you go to their website as they have a large selection of cat trees, cat towers, cat condos, kitty cottages, and cat cubes. Even better is that the cat trees are available at a variety of prices to meet all budgets.

Other Online Cat Trees

We’re always on the hunt for excellent cat tree options that are available to purchase online. Why? As with many things, buying a cat tree online is one of the easiest ways to get it into your home with less hassle! The cat trees below come from Amazon, and have FREE SHIPPING.

Amazon Basics Cat Tree/Kitty Condo with Perch – Most Popular Cat Tree on Amazon right now

Want a smaller kitty condo for a smaller space? This little hideaway for kitty has all you need in one small package! Excellent reviews from customers – and an average rating of 4.5/5 stars. Current price is $36.06 with FREE SHIPPING. Please note that prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time. Oh yeah, and this is the #1 cat tree on right now! Probably due to its being a small size that will fit just about anywhere AND being under $40 in price. Nice.

AmazonBasics Cat Tree Tower With Perch Condo – 12 x 12 x 20 Inches, Dark Brown

Pawz Road Medium Size Cat Tree

We really like Pawz Road products around here. They make excellent cat trees at an affordable price, AND have some cool features that your beautiful pet will really love. This cat tree, for instance, has a whopping 1600 ratings and reviews on Amazon and gets an average of 4.5/5 stars. Current price at time of writing is $79.99, but please know that prices can change at any time.

Best feature of this cat tree? Cats will love the two integrated kitty condos built in, and the scratching post. The grey colour will fit in with many decors too, just saying.

PAWZ Road Cat Tree Luxury Cat Towers with Double Condos,Spacious Perch, Fully Wrapped Scratching Sisal Post and Dangling Balls Gray


Going to Petsmart to look for a cat tree is definitely a good option. They have large variety of them for all sizes and wallets. By getting a cat tree, you giving a gift that will last your feline buddy’s lifetime. Just think of the fun and relaxation they will have? Your cat friend will be happier and will shower you with extra love and affection. What better pet therapy can there be than that? Take care my fellow cat lovers and stay safe. Long live cats!

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