Cat Trees Red Deer – Cat Towers and Kitty Condos in Alberta

Hello visitors from Red Deer and all around Alberta! Today we’ve been searching to hunt down the very best cat trees in the Red Deer area. Maybe you’re just beginning your search for a fine new piece of cat furniture. Well, you have come to the right place! We love discovering local and online resources for the best, newest and coolest cat trees and kitty condos.

Cat trees are pieces of cat furniture that can range from something very simple and inexpensive – like a simple scratching post, or maybe one with a little hammock attached – all the way up to an indoor cat playground! These elaborate cat towers usually involve many levels, cat condos (also called cat caves or cat cubes), and perches way up high so cats can view their domain. They also usually include scratching posts, so your cats can happily scratch away to their hearts content.

Today we’re featuring local resources, plus a couple of cat trees available online. We love to support local cat tree makers – in our eyes, they are true artisans. So, just take a look at the cat tree resources we found in the Red Deer area:

Locally made cat trees in Red Deer – Kitty Kingdom Trees

Yes! We found an awesome local cat tree maker in the Red Deer area. (We have a soft spot for local family-run businesses that craft truly unique, customized cat trees.) These trees by Mike at Kitty Kingdom Trees are so cool that they really caught our attention. Unlike ordinary cat trees, these ones have natural elements like real tree branches entwined into the cat tree design. Awesome!! They are strikingly beautiful pieces of cat furniture – something truly different. He also does more traditional cat tree designs AND is willing to do custom pieces. See? A true artist.

Finding Cat Trees on Kijiji in Red Deer

I haven’t talked about this option in a while, but you can find local cat trees by using (Make sure you have your city set to Red Deer.) Sometimes you can find a great bargain this way – maybe someone purchased a cat tree or cat tower that was simply way too big for their space, and now they have to unload it at a lower price. Or, maybe a new cat owner was gifted a cat tree, but isn’t able to keep it for some reason. Whatever the reason – cat trees definitely do go up for sale on re-sale sites like Kijiji.

One big word of warning though: do your research before purchasing a cat tree on Kijiji or other classified sites like Craigslist. If the cat tree is old or worn out, or (ick!) even really dirty, then you DON’T want to buy it. It won’t be worth what you pay, even if the price seems really low. But, if you can snag a deal on a new or very nearly new cat tree, then maybe it’s worth a try.

Online Options for buying Cat Trees

Or if, like me, you often prefer to shop online in your PJ’s, well – we have you covered! If you prefer to shop while totally comfy at home, then we have found two excellent cat trees for you to just click and buy. As always, we carefully choose only very highly rated cat trees and condos – so you don’t have to worry a bit. Let us do the work for you! (Speaking of highly rated, these two rank at 4.6 and 4.7 out of 5, so both are excellent options.)

FEANDREA Cat Tree – Small cat tree with widened perch for large cats

Feandrea small cat tree – Currently priced at $95.99 but prices can change any time. 4.6/5 star rating. FREE SHIPPING.

Made4Pets Wooden Modern cat tree

Modern wooden cat tree – currently priced at $159.99, but prices can change at any time. (FREE SHIPPING) 4.7/5 rating.

What fun! We love searching to find wonderful pieces of cat furniture that will please your pets, but also look stylish in your home. Happy you AND happy cats. And let’s admit it here and now: Happy cats definitely means a happy life. Meow!

This post may include affiliate links. When you purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support awesome cat people. 🙂

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