Cat Trees With Scratching Posts

Updated on September 18, 2023

Cat trees with scratching posts? Sounds too good to be true. Why? Because both are necessary pieces of cat furniture to make your cat’s life better. For instance, a scratching post is a must for your cat to help them keep their claws trimmed. (Scratching is also an emotional outlet for cats!)

Also, if you do not want your feline buddy scratching up your expensive couch or chair, then a scratching post is a worthwhile investment that could save you lots of money in the long run. A cat tree is the ultimate jungle gym or playground for your furry friend. It provides entertainment, exercise and relaxation all rolled up in one. As a result, your cat will have years of fun and bliss!

However, can you combine these two necessary pieces of cat furniture or are these two cat items better separately? Can we find cat trees that have scratching posts built right in?

Cat Trees With Scratching Posts is Possible

Cat trees with scratching posts is not only possible but also is a pleasant reality! Many cat trees now offered include either a scratching post or some sort of cat scratcher for your cat friend to keep their claws trim. Also, many cat trees are made with materials such as carpet to be durable enough for your cat buddy to scratch on. These types of cat trees can be found at most pet stores and they come in different shapes and sizes. There are also many online options also. Here are a couple below.

Online Options

If you are like myself and like to do most of your shopping online, here is a pretty cool cat tree with scratching posts from PAWZ Road below. It is a multi-level cat tree with double condos, a spacious perch and scratching posts! All for a nice price! Click on the image below.


There are many cat trees with scratching posts that are available to buy for cats of all shapes and sizes! This is a good thing because a cat tree and a scratching post are some of the most important purchases that you can make for your feline friend. And to have them both combined is a win win! Yes, not only will your cat be ecstatic but think of the extra love and cuddles you will receive. You will both feel like a million bucks and that’s a wonderful thing! Stay safe cat lovers.

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