Lethbridge Cat Trees – Finding Cat Towers and more in Alberta

We’re back, cat lovers! And today, our hunt for cool cat towers, kitty condos, modern cat trees and more is all based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Lethbridge is located about 215 kilometers away from Calgary, and boasts a population of around 93,000. We’re sure there are plenty of cat lovers in Lethbridge. (Cat lovers are everywhere, which is just how it should be!)

Today, on our hunt for cat trees and cat furniture, we found some local resources plus some online cat trees that get rave reviews. It’s all up to you on how you want to shop! Let’s get started browsing through all that Lethbridge has to offer pet owners.

Lethbridge Cat Trees – Custom Cat Cribs

Local Business Choice – Our first choice is a local business that creates some truly beautiful, well-constructed custom cat trees, and some pretty elaborate (and cool!) cat condos. Their website is at Custom Cat Cribs. They have a great range of products – from a tall window perch for $40.00 (which I am totally eyeing up to get for Milo; I think that price is very reasonable) to some Elite cat trees that can range from $400 and up. Plus, you can have a custom design made. We love custom designs!! Their website is well worth a look to see all the different ideas come to life.

Please note that Custom Cat Cribs is located in Moon River Estates, a short drive away from Lethbridge. If you live in the area, though, it seems well worth your time to head out that way to pick up your purchase after selecting a cat condo online. They offer local pickup, delivery in the local area, or you can order online and have it shipped – BUT, you’ll have to arrange the shipping.

Lethbridge Cat Trees – Petsmart Lethbridge

Our other choice in the Lethbridge area is a national chain store, Petsmart. Located at 3721 Mayor Magrath Drive. They have a selection of scratching posts and some cat trees and kitty condos – selection may vary. They also have cat beds and baskets for your pal to snuggle up in. As in many other Petsmart locations, they also offer pet grooming if you happen to have a woolly cat that needs a grooming session once in a while.

Online Cat Trees – Two of our Favourites

I loved online shopping before, but now during this pandemic I find it’s become even more natural to just sit at home and shop on my laptop! (Or phone, or tablet…you get what I’m saying.) So, I wanted to share with you two of my favourite cat trees that you can order online. We carefully choose cat trees that have lots of rave reviews, so we know that you’ll be pleased with your cat tree investment.

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree – Double Decker Tiger Tough

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree – Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Condo Entertainment Playground Furniture for Cats & Kittens, Double Decker Playground, Cream
Wow, they call this an indoor cat playground, and I can see why!
4.5 star rating with over 3500 reviews. Wow!
69.3 inches tall, meaning this is tall enough for even big cats to do some serious climbing. (That is 5’8″ tall.)
2 different kitty condos or cat caves in this design – one smaller nearer the top, and one large condo nearer the bottom
3 perches near the top of the cat tower; great for all the cats in your household! (I do think this one is a great choice if yours is a multi-cat family.)
Lots of areas to play, scratch and snooze
$139.94 with FREE Shipping

Vesper Modern Cat Tree – Oak – with Large Scratching post

Cat Tree – Vesper Scratching Post with Condo – Oak Furniture
Here is a beautiful, more modern design of cat tree that is still totally functional:
– Observation deck up high so cats can see everything going on in their domain
– Cozy cube den with two different entrances – great for a cat snooze, or for cats to play together! (I can just imagine them pawing at each other when one of them is in that cat cave)
– Extra tall seagrass covered cat scratching post. Ideal for even big cats to have a good stretch and scratch
– Individual replacement parts – you don’t see this very often. You can purchase replacement parts when something wears out. Awesome!!
$199.99 with FREE Shipping

Yes, there are options if you live in Lethbridge to find the perfect new piece of cat furniture for your pets to enjoy. We’ve discussed a frankly awesome local cat tree artisan, a national pet store chain, and a couple of online cat trees that took our fancy. Did you find the perfect cat tree today? Let us know in the comments!