Midwest Homes for Pets – Unique Cat Trees available online

We’ve been researching some cool manufacturers of cat trees lately, and today’s choice is Midwest Homes for Pets. This US-based company has been around since 1921! And today, they’re one of the largest manufacturers of pet furniture, and pet crates and carriers.

All very impressive, but what I love the most is the styling of some of their cat trees! Our number one and two choices, below, are made of a unique material – rattan! They look super stylish, and are very functional as well for your pet cats. They really caught my eye when I was researching Midwest Homes for Pets, because it is such a unique style of cat tree or kitty condo. I hadn’t seen anything like it before! I hope you love the style of them, too.

About price: You’ll notice that Midwest Homes’ cat trees are definitely not the lowest priced cat trees/kitty condos available on the market. BUT…I honestly think the prices they charge are fair when you consider how long these pieces of cat furniture last. When you read the reviews and ratings I think you’ll agree.

These cat trees are all available online at Amazon.ca. Now…on to our selections of the best cat trees and pieces of cat furniture that this maker has to offer!

Midwest Homes for Pets – Sisal/Rattan covered cat condo with perch and toy

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree |Scout Cat Furniture Cat Activity Tree w/Sisal Wrapped Support Scratching Posts & Dangle Play Balls, Woven Rattan & Script Small Cat Tree
$196.07 with FREE Shipping
Prices are current at time of writing but can change at any time.
  • Isn’t this one just beautiful?? I love the simple, sleek styling of this kitty condo.
  • Entirely wrapped in rattan – so the whole thing is like one giant scratching post for your cats! Also has sisal-covered post for scratching and sturdiness.
  • Nice, spacious condo space for kitty to retreat to, to enjoy some chill out time – or, you know, clean themselves thoroughly. And then once the cleaning session is complete, they can curl up in comfort and privacy.
  • Cave is lined in faux fur – super cozy for pampered kitties!
  • The top perch is an excellent place for your pet to hang out, and it’s also cushioned and comfortable.
  • Total height of 31.5 inches high.
  • Easy to construct, and comes with the Midwest 1-year warranty.
  • 4.5/5 star rating.

Midwest Homes for Pets – Sisal Covered Deluxe Cat Condo with Extra Level

MidWest Homes for Pets Cat Tree | Nest Cat Furniture, 3-Tier Cat Activity Tree w/Sisal Wrapped Support Scratching Posts & Dangle Play Balls, Woven Rattan & Script Medium Cat Tree
$229.99 with FREE Shipping
  • Wow, I thought I loved the last one – but this one is incredible! With an extra tier (for a total of 3 tiers or levels), this cat condo takes the cake!
  • Entirely covered in rattan, so kitty can happily scratch anywhere they like.
  • Tall sisal-covered scratching posts. That extra height means your pet can really stretch out and have an awesome scratching session!
  • This adds a little extra resting spot for your cat in the middle of the cat tree.
  • 2 fun dangling toy balls for cat to swat at and play with.
  • Easy to construct, comes with the one tool you’ll need to put the cat tree together.
  • 4.5/5 star rating.

Midwest Homes for Pets – Curious Cat Cube with Cushioned Top perch

Midwest Home for Pets Curious Cat Cube, Brown Suede
$47.08 at time of writing
Please note that prices can change at any time

  • Now, this one is totally different! Faux suede covered Curious Cat cube, with little holes on the side of the cat cave to allow kitty to pop their paws out to play!
  • Or…pop a little favourite cat toy into the holes and have fun playing with your cat. Awww…cute!
  • Lovely little hiding spot for your pet kitty.
  • Comfortable lining inside and on the top of the cat cube – a faux sheepskin that is lovey and plush even older kitties.

There we have it! Two awesome, super unique cat trees that use a different material than most cat trees – natural rattan. It looks wonderful, AND is cat-friendly. And then, a cute little cat cube/cat bed that is cozy for your pet AND promotes play. All in all, it’s been a fun day of research and discovery for cool stuff your beloved pet will love. 🙂 We hope you found a beautiful gift for your buddy.