PetSmart Customer Service – Phone number and more

Hello pet lovers. Today we’re providing you with the customer service information for Petsmart – the first of a series of helpful customer service numbers for some of the best pet retailers here in Canada. Why? If you ever need help with an online order, or have questions regarding the products these retailers provide – then you’ll be set to contact them quickly and easily!

Petsmart locations in Canada

Petsmart currently has 92 locations throughout Canada. Besides providing lots of needed products for your cat – such as cat food, cat treats and cat litter – they also provide grooming services. (Please check the Petsmart website for details on if your local location is still offering these services during the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Petsmart Customer Service phone number (Canada)

There is one simple main phone number to use to contact a customer service rep from Petsmart. That number is: 1-888-839-9638. Please always have your order information ready, so that the customer service rep can help you more readily.

Petsmart Customer Service phone number (US)

Usually we find that the customer service numbers are different depending on whether you’re calling from Canada or the US. But, with Petsmart the phone numbers are exactly the same! So, the phone number for Petsmart Customer service in the States is: 1-888-839-9638.

Petsmart Customer Service – Conclusion

Whether it’s to find out when your order will be ready, or to ask a question about their products, Petsmart has one simple phone number to get help! You can also visit their website’s HELP page to see if your question has already been covered in their Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you get the help you need.

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