Saskatoon Cat Trees – Cool Cat Stuff in Saskatchewan

So, you’re searching for cat trees in Saskatoon. Perfect! You have definitely come to the right place. Our research has uncovered one pet store, another store in Saskatoon AND online options for you to choose from. We’re sure by the time you’re done viewing this page, you’ll have found the right cat tree for your feline friend.

What is a Cat Tree?

A cat tree is a piece of cat furniture that is called by many names: cat tower, kitty condo, indoor cat house, etc. A cat tree basically replicates indoors what cats naturally do outdoors: play, climb, stretch, scratch and sleep! A good piece of cat furniture will allow your beloved pet to do all of these things. A good piece of cat furniture is also made to last for years.

Cat trees or cat condos almost always include at least one (and sometimes many) scratching posts. Scratching is an all-important activity for a cat! Rather than it being something they do to be bad, it’s actually something cats need to do to relieve stress. (That’s why a scratching post or cardboard scratching pad is also a very wise investment. We have one of each for our boy, Milo.) If you’d like to read more about ‘Does my cat need a scratching post?’, you’ll find our article on that subject right here.

Finding Cat Trees in Saskatoon

Like I mentioned before, we try to find a couple of options for you to shop from locally to find your new cat tree. And then, for those of you who like to buy online, we have some online cat trees to choose from as well. We’ve also included the ratings of each of our specially chosen online cat trees – to give you extra reassurance that they’re awesome!

Petsmart Pet stores – Saskatoon Cat Trees

At the time of writing, Saskatoon has two Petsmart locations. During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, Petsmart is offering curbside pickup. The first location is 1719 Preston Avenue N, Saskatoon, SK. And the other location they have is at Meadows Market Saskatoon. (3020 Meadows Parkway, Unit 120.) They have a few cat trees to choose from.


Yes, Walmart in Saskatoon also has cat trees and cat furniture! While it’s not a pet store, they do stock some of these items. A quick search on their website revealed quite a lot of selection, but most of it is available online only for either pick-up or delivery. If you’re heading out to a Walmart anyway, it might be worthwhile to check out their pet section for their current selection in-store.

Online Cat Trees

I loved shopping online even before the pandemic, but now I truly do find it the easiest way to shop! I’ve custom picked a couple of our very favourite online options for cat trees and kitty condos. If you were a cat, wouldn’t you be excited if you saw one of these in your home!? I know I would be! And, I’d also love to see the reaction of my cat when he first laid eyes on some of these beautiful pieces of cat furniture.

Feandrea Cat Tree Condo with Hammock, Scratching posts and more

FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo with Sisal-Covered Scratching Posts Kitty Tower Playhouse Smoky Grey
This stunner of a cat tree is consistently VERY highly rated! 5 out of 5 stars with over 790 ratings!
* All edges are rounded, so it’s perfectly comfortable for your pet cat.
* Cardboard scratching ramp for lots of scratching fun for your cats. I haven’t seen many of these included in a cat tree, so I’m impressed by this feature!
* Very stable design so your cats will all be very safe.
* A super cool cat hammock on the side! Any cat will love to snuggle up and snooze in this hammock.
* A large cat cave/kitty condo type covered area, which is another fun place to hide and play, or to go to sleep.
$98.99 with FREE Shipping

Extra Tall 73″ High Armarkat Classic Cat Tree in Ivory

Armarkat Classic Cat Tree B7301 Ivory
Wow, is this one impressive! Just look at some of these features:
* Super tall, at an awesome 73″ in height! If you’re looking for a very tall cat tree that your cat can really climb, this might be the perfect choice.
* Cat house for cats to sneak into and snooze in. So cute!
* Lots of perches for cats to nap on, or just hang out on and look at their world from up high. (Cats love to do that!)
* A play rope hangs in the hole, urging cats to play and climb up through the hole to get to the higher levels above.
* A minimum of 4 scratching posts down low, plus more up above!
* Very high reviews of 4.5/5 stars with over 2500 ratings! (Wow, that’s pretty good!)
$207.99 with FREE Shipping

Whether you’re a new cat owner who wants to pick up a special gift for their new buddy, OR you’ve had cats for decades – a cat tree is a wise investment. It not only provides your cat with hours and hours of fun and play, but it’s also a nice place that is all their own. They can hang out on their cat tree, play, scratch, and sleep to their little hearts’ content. We hope you found the perfect cat tree today!

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