Tall cat tree – 65.5″ Multi Level cat tree with hammock, kitty condo and more…under $120!

Hello dear cat lovers! I’m writing to you from a very wet Calgary this morning – man, we’ve had a lot of rain so far this summer. So, if you have cats (and I’m assuming you do, or else why would you be here?) and need to cheer them up on a gloomy day, then we have found an awesome cat tree to tell you about today. And trust me, it’s not just on rainy days that your kitty pals will love to use this big awesome cat tower!

JOYO Cat Tree – 65.5″ with multiple activities for cats AND scratching posts

See what I mean? Loads of possibilities for endless fun for your pals! This 65.5″ cat tree comes with all of these fun features:

  • Nice tall 65.5″ cat tree means it’s an excellent CLIMBING tree for your cats. At that height, they can enjoy a good climb, just like they would on a tree outside.
  • A comfortable hammock nestled near the bottom means your cats can snuggle up and have a snooze and feel totally safe.
  • Mini climbing ladder.
  • TONS of sisal covered scratching posts – we talk about scratching posts and how important they are for your feline friends here.
  • A posh kitty condo (cat cave) right at the top. Some cats just love to climb and be up high, so that kitty condo will become a pretty popular place.
  • Comes in 3 colours to match your decor: Light grey, dark grey or beige.
  • Current price $119.99 with free shipping. Please note that prices can change at any time, and prices quoted are current at time of writing.

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