What is the Best Cat Litter to Buy?

What is the best cat litter to buy? This is a tough question because there are a large variety of cat litter you purchase. There is scoopable, non scoopable, scented, unscented, woodchips, walnut, and the list goes on. Also, each cat is different. I know I am stating the obvious! Because of that, cats will like different types of litter. As a result, it becomes a trial and error process. This can become a time consuming and frustrating process.

For us, we liked the unscented clumping clay litter which was low dust. It clumped well but there were two problems. First it was still dusty and second, it did not absorbed the smell well and this led to some stinky moments. We also liked walnut cat litter. We liked it was natural and it really absorbed the smell well. However, it left things wet and messy in the litter box. This led to our cat having more stuff on himself which he tracked throughout our home. So, what was the solution?

What is the Best Cat Litter to Buy? A Combination of Clay and Walnut Litter!

We decided to combine our clumping clay unscented litter with the walnut litter (a 50/50 ratio). And you know what? It worked great! The litter still clumped, the litter box wasn’t messy and it still absorbed the smell well. Also, it was less dusty then using the clay alone. Was it perfect? No of course not but it helped a lot!


Combining the two cat litters really helped. It seemed that we were able to get the best from all the litters and it made for a more tidier experience. Will it work for you cat? I do not know but if you are frustrated with the state of your cat litter, it might be worth a try. You never know, you might just crack the code like we did! And cracking the code is indeed a great feeling when it comes to cat litter. Take care cat lovers!

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