A new kitten! Is there anything more wonderful than that little bundle of wriggling, energetic fluff? If you have a new kitten, or know someone who does – we have compiled 10 of the most wonderful and useful gifts you can get for the new arrival, and their owners!

  1. Cat beds are a great choice for kittens. This gets the little newcomers used to sleeping in a specific location of your choice. Don’t expect them to sleep only in that location of course, as cats can sleep absolutely anywhere! But, a kitten knowing that a bed belongs entirely to them makes them feel comfortable in their new home.

2. Cat toys – Kittens are balls of uncontrollable energy! We cat lovers love nothing more than to watch them have fun with anything new they encounter – I have a fond memory of my kitty boy, M, having great fun hiding in one of my hats and thinking he had discovered something amazing. Cat toys as simple as balls with bells (a great favourite of one of my older kitties), or a wand toy with a stuffed mouse with feathers on the end can provide hours of fun.

3. Cat trees are a wonderful gift. These indoor jungle gyms for cats can have a scratching post built right in! This helps to train the little kittens right away to scratch there and hopfully not on the furniture! Cat trees are a place that cats can climb – they love to climb high and stay perched up there with a good vantage point. Cat beds (or super cute little cat hammocks) can also be built right in.

4. Scratching post – Having more than one scratching post is a very good idea for households that have more than one cat. Scratching isn’t something cats do to be destructive – they are designed to stretch out and scratch to sharpen their claws, to mark their territory and also as a stress reliever. Ensure that the scratching post you choose is stable, and tall enough so that your cat can really stretch out and have a good old scratch!

5. Cute cat dishes – Cats need a dish for their food (or two dishes at least, if they eat both wet and dry cat food), and one for fresh drinking water. There are so many adorable options – a set of cute cat dishes makes an amazing gift for a new kitten owner!

6. Cat treat canister – A sweet little spot to store cat treats, a customized cat treat cannister is likely something the new cat owner hasn’t gotten yet.

7. Window mounted cat perch – This is one of those inventions that cats around the world are thankful for! The new little kitten will love to snooze in the sun on one of these window-mounted cat beds or perches. Indoor cats especially love to absorb the warm sun streaming in the windows – they will love this special little spot all their own to relax and sleep.

8. Personalized cat t-shirts – Well, not for the cats! (I think only super laidback cats would actually allow you to tuck them into a t-shirt!) But, you can choose (or customize) a t-shirt for the proud new cat owner – possibly with a graphic of their cat right on the shirt!

9. Litter box or litter box mat – Okay, admittedly a litter box or mat is not a super glamorous option. But, the kitten really needs a bathroom! Make sure the litter box is one that suits the needs of the cat. There are a variety of litter box mats that are both cute and functional – and it makes litter box cleaning a lot easier.

10. Cat carrier – This is a necessity, since your cat needs to be safely contained when they’re taken to visit the veterinarian, or during any travels. I’ve discovered (the hard way!) that stubborn kitties are easier to place in a cat carrier if it opens from the top as well as from the front. It’s much easier to tuck your cat inside from the top opening. Don’t scrimp on this purchase, as you want the carrier to be sturdy and well made in order to keep the precious pet secure and safe.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to find just the right gift for the new kitten in the family. Enjoy the new arrival of that adorable little bundle of fur!

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      I agree with you 100%! That would be a wonderful and thoughtful gift indeed.

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