Best Cat Blogs 2019

Hello fellow cat lovers! Are you looking for an awesome feline-centric blog to read? Well, you’ve found yourself at just the right place. We are listing our favourite cat blogs for 2019. These blogs range from online cat magazines, to cat blogs about cat news, and even a blog of the life of two rescue cats. We hope you’ll enjoy each one, and as always – please let us know if we’ve missed your favourite.

1 – Cat Versus Human

This adorable site serves up fresh, funny cat cartoons that all cat lovers will truly laugh at! With archives that go back to 2010, there are plenty of cat cartoons here to satisfy your need for cat stuff AND your need to laugh at how ridiculous our little feline friends can be. Sometimes you just need to start your day off with a cat cartoon, am I right?

2 – Momma Cat and her Bear Cat

A delightful blog of one woman’s adventures with her two rescue kitties. (Who were, in fact, homeless cats at one point!) A fun blog to read with a cup of tea or coffee. One of the most recent posts tells all about Bear Cat’s revenge on an annoying vet tech.

3 – Catster Magazine Blog

Catster is an excellent resource for helpful information about your cat’s health and behaviour. Recent blog posts include: 5 fun reasons your cat kneads, 5 Stages of Cat Pregnancy, and How to deal with an aggressive cat. You can also subscribe to their magazine, in either print or digital formats.

4 –

An excellent site filled with information on cat breeds, cat behaviour, cute cat stories and videos and much more. A very comprehensive resource for cat lovers! You could spend hours upon hours enjoying all the cat content here.

5 – The Purrington Post

This cat-focused ‘newspaper’ wants to educate, inform and entertain cat loving people! Posts include funny cat cartoons and photos, cat product giveaways, and information on how to live more happily with your pet cat.


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