Tabby Cat – My Life With Milo Blog 4!

My tabby cat Milo is always interesting. You never know how he will react to any situation. For example, not long after we got our little guy, I received news that my grandmother had died. As a result, my wife and I had to make quick plans to fly across the country and help plan my grandmother’s funeral. What would this mean for Milo?

We decided to have a few of our friends come in at different parts of the day to check in on Milo. Both of us were nervous of this because Milo was only now starting to warm up to us. We were not sure how he would react to strangers. Also, would our little prince feel abandoned again as we would be gone for a period of time?

My Tabby Cat Milo, Our Anxiety Builds

My grandmother’s funeral was emotional. It was surreal to think that she was gone. However, my wife and I got through it and provided extra comfort to my mom who was truly heart broken. We also helped with arrangements which both my mom and uncle appreciated. As we were doing these things, our minds could not help but think about Milo. How was he doing? Is he lonely? Is he scared? All this played on our minds.

Our friends updated us via text and pictures to alleviate our fears but it just made it worse. For example, some of the text mentioned how Milo was aggressive and bitey. Also, there was some misunderstanding on who was doing what for Milo. Finally, there were some of the pictures of Milo sent to us which showed how stressed he looked. The only funny thing about Milo’s pictures was that his tail had grown really long and was the same length as his body. One thing was clear, we were anxious to get home to our Milo.

Home and Closer Bonds!

As we got dropped off from the airport, you could feel our anticipation. My wife and I were practically running down the hallway to our apartment. We needed to see Milo and make sure he’s OK. As we opened the door, my wife called out “Milo, Milo!”. A moment later, our little boy kitty came around the corner. He looked puzzled at first and then he realized it was us and he started meowing and rubbing up on us. You could see the relief and joy in his face that his family was home and he wasn’t abandoned. I will never forget that moment!

As we were going to bed, we said goodnight to Milo and shut our bedroom door as we always do. However, Milo started crying. He wanted to come in! He had never done this before as he was always happy to be out on his own. So we let him in hoping that he would not cry all night as we both had work the next day. However, a funny thing happened, as we got in the bed to sleep, Milo jumped up the dresser and just laid on it and watched us lovingly. It was at that moment that I realized that all of us were family. We then all fell asleep.

Conclusion, We are Family

And that has been the case since that day as Milo sleeps with us every night. He loves bed time and getting ready for it. When my wife and I say the words “bedtime” he gets excited as this is his family bonding time and we are his family. Life with our tabby cat Milo is good!

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