5 Cute Cat Books Cat Lovers Need to Know About

We are all cat lovers around here. In fact, as I’ve been reading my husband’s take on our life with our kitty cat Milo (Life with Milo #1, Life with Milo #2, Life with Milo #3 and finally, you guessed it: Life with Milo #4) I came to realize that even HE is a complete and utter cat lover now. Right, so we all love to read about cats: How to understand cats, cat stories, and so on. If it’s about cats, well, we are likely glad to pick that book up and give it a read.

5 of our Favourite Cat Books – on Sale!

So, when I found some entertaining and downright helpful cat books on Book Outlet I was pretty excited. Just look at some of these awesome cat books I found! (This post contains affiliate links – thanks for helping to support all the cat loving stuff we do around here!)

  • Your Cat, The Owner’s Manual by Dr. Marty Becker Sale price $7.29 (I love this book, but had to chuckle at thinking that cats would ever think we owned them…)
  • Simon’s Cat by Simon Tofield Sale price $5.79 – 25 million YouTube fans of this cat comic strip can’t be wrong! This cranky cat makes me laugh, because for some strange reason I have a soft spot for the crankiest of felines.
  • A Cat Named Swan (picture book) Sale price $5.79. A sweet tale of one cat – Swan – who is rescued and finds his own paradise life. All accompanied by the lovely watercolor paintings of Holly Hobbie. Also makes a sweet gift for a cat lover.
  • Cat Wise – America’s Favorite Cat Expert –Sale price $9.39 answers all of your cat behavior questions by Pam Johnson-Bennett. All of the questions you want to ask about these crazy little critters, but didn’t know where to ask them!
  • Cuddly Cat by Clare Fennell – is a beautiful book for babies, toddlers and children that has a soft, knitted cover! This one features a ginger kitty, and would make a super cute baby shower gift. Sale price $7.29.

To find the above cat books and more, simply click on the banner below, and then search ‘cats’. Enjoy browsing through the (gasp!) more than 1000 cat books you’ll find!


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