Performatrin Ultra Cat food, The Best Cat Dry Food!

Author’s note: We rave so much about this cat food, that you might assume this is a sponsored post. But it’s not! We just really love this awesome cat food.

Performatrin Ultra cat food is awesome! It is the best cat food we’ve ever had. As cat lovers for over 30 years, we have tried many brands of cat food. However, none come even close to the quality and benefits of Performatrin. We have used it for over four and a half years and would not change it for anything! Why do we love this cat food so much? Here are our reasons why.

Performatrin Ultra Cat Food, High Quality Ingredients!

For us when it comes to the welfare of our little boy kitty, what we feed him is extremely important to us. We love our buddy and want him to have a happy, long life. And that means feeding him quality food. Performatrin Ultra has that in spades! Check out some of these ingredients.

This cat food is grain Free and gluten free and has no artificial flavours or preservatives. It also has a blend of turkey, chicken meal, duck meal and salmon meal for protein. The cat food has omega-3 and omega-6 to support healthy skin and coat. That is just the tip of the iceberg! There are also many fruits and vegetables in it and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Honestly, our cat eats better than we do! (Is that sad, or what? Haha.)

Cheaper in the Long Run!

At first glance, you might think that Performatrin Ultra cat food is very expensive. And you wouldn’t be incorrect, as the largest bag (6 kg or 13.2 pounds) costs around $68.00 at Pet Valu. That is a lot of money! However, looks can be deceiving. When we buy the largest bag for our cat, the bag lasts at least 3 months. So it costs just over 75 cents a day to feed him high quality food! That is a pretty good deal. Think about how much is costs to buy a little can of wet food at the grocery store. You would probably pay at least that and more! Also, this food is so good that our cat does not want anything else! (That is the honest truth: we’ve tried to feed him healthy wet food in addition to his dried food, and he just doesn’t want it! But then again, Milo is a wee bit different.)

Our Cat is Really Healthy

One of the best benefits of this cat food is that our cat is pretty healthy. We started him on this cat food as soon as we got him and he has turned out to be a strong healthy boy! His teeth are nice and white and very large which sometimes is not good if he chomps on you. Lol! His fur is very silky and smooth and feels nice to the touch. (When we fed cheaper food to our previous cats, we noticed that their fur was a bit greasy.) Our cat is very alert, smart and healthy which is great. We recently took our guy to the vet for grooming and did some blood work and the vet said that Milo’s blood work was “unremarkable” meaning that it was fine and normal (at first I did not understand and had to ask what he meant. Lol!).

Performatrin Ultra, A Great Cat Food

We love this cat food! It is healthy for our pet; it saves us money in the long run, and most of all our cat loves it! What more could you ask for? This cat food is available at any PetValu store in the country. So if you are looking for a high quality cat food for your feline friend, why not try Performatrin Ultra Cat Food? You will not be disappointed!

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