Dry Cat Food Benefits, from a Cat Lover!

Dry cat food has a lot of benefits. As a long time cat lover, I have always toggled between wet and dry food with sometimes using both at the same time. However, this time with my boy tabby I have only used dry cat food. And the results have been great! Here are some of the benefits below.

Dry Cat Food Benefits – It’s Cheaper!

This is probably the best benefit and the one I least saw coming. The reason was that we wanted to get a high quality cat food for our cat. Right from the beginning we got him Performatrin Ultra Cat Food which contains, lots of vitamins, minerals, whole proteins and is grain free. When I read the ingredients in it, I get a bit jealous of my cat because I realized that he is eating better than I am!

Even better is that in the long run, it is cheaper too! For example, we buy the biggest bag for our cat which costs around $67.00. The bag lasts just over 3 months. So it only costs us around 73 cents a day to feed him! Pretty cheap consider the quality of food he is getting. And he loves it! And he doesn’t want anything else (well, except his dried shrimp treats once in awhile). With our dry cat food, we are getting more for less.

Dry Cat Food Benefits – It is Healthier!

That is what we noticed the most about the food we are feeding our cat. Dry cat food is good for their teeth and we can see that in our cat. Our cat’s teeth are white, shiny and solid. Because they look so healthy, you do not want him to chomp on you!

Our cat’s coat also feels nice and soft and not oily. There is a definite difference between our present cat and our previous cats when it comes to coat quality.

Finally, our cat is not really overweight at all. Even though he eats regularly as he has free access to his dry food in his dish. Our cat looks great!

Dry Cat Food Benefits – Easy to Store and No Fuss!

Another great benefit of our dry food that it is easy to store. Our cat food has a Velcro seal that is easy to open and close. The best before date on the food is pretty long usually about six months. As a result, we put our cat’s food on the shelf as it dos not need to be refrigerated once it has been open. The tight seal also keeps his food fresh.

We can also leave our cat’s food in his dish for the day as the risk of bacteria is a lot lower than you have if you had wet cat food left in his dish. As a result, we give our cat a couple of scoops of his food twice a day and nothing else is needed. Well, except for fresh water which we change daily for him.


The debate between wet cat food and dry cat food is an ongoing one. Each has has their advantages and disadvantages. And in the end it comes down to personal preference. For us, we love dry food, especially the high quality kind. It make feeding our cat an easy process that in the long run saves us money. So give it a try; you might be pleasantly surprised!

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