Friendliest Cat Breeds

What are the most friendliest cat breeds? Now talk about a subjective question! As a cat lover, I find it weird to even try to answer this question because the quirky, odd behavior of cats is what draws us to them. We do not want them to be like dogs always loving and loyal. Instead we embrace their individuality and independence. It is what makes them cats. However, I thought I would try to answer this question the best I could as it is true that some cats could be friendlier then others. So this is what I have found below.

Friendliest Cat Breeds – The Fabulous Four!

Because this question is so subjective, I decided to look at multiple articles and see if there were agreement on certain breeds. I looked at articles from Newsweek, Reader’s Digest and Purina websites. Out of all three articles, there were 4 breeds that each one picked as a friendly cat breed. All four had Siamese, Rag Doll, Persian and Maine Coon.

I have never owned a Rag Doll or a Persian cat, but both breeds always seemed to be very laid back . Also, they seem to be in high demand for cat owners.

Regarding Siamese cats, I was a bit surprised to see it on the list at first but then I realized that the most friendly cat I had was part Siamese. My wife and I loved that cat. She loved to sleep in the covers of our bed and slept like a human. My wife would lay her book on her and would read for hours on her. And every time my father in law would visit, she would roll on her back and let him rub her belly until her got tired. Yes she was friendly!

Regarding Maine Coon cats, I am not surprised at all. My friend had a Maine Coon cat and every time I visited him, his Maine Coon would come up and just lay in my lap. He was a bit heavy but he was nice and warm and he would just snuggle on me the whole time I was there. He was so chilled and laid back, it was definitely pet therapy at its finest!


Persian, Rag Doll, Siamese and Maine Coon cats are good choices for friendliest cat breeds. However, if you are a cat lover like myself, you can find friendly cats in any breed. The reality is that each cat is different and each cat has their own unique personality. In the same litter, you can find one cat that is extremely friendly and one cat that is extremely psycho sort to speak. Lol!

Also, the so called crazy cats might turn out to be the most lovable with a little love and affection. Our current cat was literally crazy and bit us all the time. However, with lots of patience and love, he has turned out to be a sweet and loving cat who snuggles and sleeps with us every night.

So the point is that there are some potentially friendly breeds but if you are a true cat lover, just use your instincts and love for cats and you cannot go wrong. Take care fellow cat lovers!

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