Cat Adoption Toronto – Save a Kitty!

Cat adoption in Toronto is very important. Why? Because according to the SPCA in 2017 there were almost 17000 feral cats in the Toronto area. As a cat lover, this breaks my heart because cats are wonderful! They have personality, they are intriguing, and funny. (Let’s admit it, cats can also be weird but in a good way!) But to think that there are that many cats without a home due to neglect, abuse or other sad circumstances is truly concerning. Fortunately, there are organizations in the Toronto area that are working hard to find many cats a home. This is great and these organizations are to be commended. Here are a few below.

Cat Adoption Toronto

Toronto Cat Rescue – Located at 4229 Dundas St. West in Etobiocoke, this organization is a no kill, non profit charity. Their mission is to find homes for abandoned, sick, injured cats due to neglect, abuse or imminent euthanasia. Their website has a large list of available cats for adoption. The costs for adoption a kitten under 8 months is $225.00 and for a cat between 8 months and 8 years old is $200.00. For cats over 8 years old it is pay what you can. The adoption fee for bonded cats is $250.00.

Toronto Humane Society – Located on 11 River Street, this organization specializes in animal rescue, lost and found, spay/neuter, vaccinations and adoption. They have an extensive list of adoptable cats on their website. The adoption fee for adult cats is $120.00 and for kittens is $150.00.

Markham Cat Adoption & Education Centre – Located on 7755 Bayview Ave in Thornhill, this organization is part of the Ontario SPCA. On their website, they have a list of available cats for adoption based on location in the province. The adoption fee for cats is $260.00 and for senior cats over 10 years old is $100.00.

Toronto Animal Services – Located at 1300 Sheppard Ave West, this is the city of Toronto’s department of animal services. On their website, they have a listing of cats that are currently available for adoption. The fee for adopting a cat is $75.00.


If you are a cat lover then cat adoption in Toronto might be right for you. As seen above, there are many options to finding that special feline buddy to enrich your life. Yes, adopting a cat can reduce your stress, as your pet will be there to give you snuggles and cuddles of love. It’s really a win win situation! So, if there’s a little spot missing in your life that would be wonderfully filled by adopting a cat in need, please do. There are thousands of cats that need a home, and in turn they will provide companionship. Yeah to cats!