Cat Trees Hamilton – Feline Fun in Steel Town!

Should I look for cat trees in Hamilton for my feline buddy? It depends upon how much you love your cat friend. If you want your furry friend to have a life time of fun, bliss and joy then you should seriously consider getting one. Because the long term benefits definitely outweigh the short term costs. However where can I get a cat tree in Hamilton? Here are a few locations below:

Cat Trees Hamilton

Petsmart – Located on 1231 Barton Street East, this pet store chain has a variety of pet supplies. It also has pet grooming services. Their website shows a nice selection of cat trees, cat towers and scratching posts. You can purchase a cat tree either in their store or online. The price for cat trees vary depending upon your budget.

Paulmac’s Pets – Located on 1565 Barton St East, this store is currently opened to customers with social distancing measures in place due to the pandemic. There is also curb side pick-up. However, grooming and self serve dog wash stations have been suspended for the time being. Their website shows a good selection of cat trees, kitty condos, scratching posts, cat tunnels and other cat items. The cat trees vary in price for whatever budget you have. You can purchase a cat tree either online or at their store. There is also cat adoptions services available.

Pet Valu – Located on 1900 King Street E. Unit3, the store is opened with adjusted hours and social distancing measures in place due to covid-19. Curbside pick-up is also available. However, several of the stores services such as the Self-Serve Dog Wash station, and Grooming are not currently available. Their website shows a good selection of cat trees, kitty condos, cat tunnels, scratching posts and other cat accessories. There are a variety of cat trees for a variety of budgets which can be purchased either at the store or online. There are also cat adoptions available.

Online Cat tree Options


If you are a cat lover in Hamilton, now is the time to get your buddy the gift they deserve and need. Not only will it benefit them physically, emotionally and mentally, but their life will be more joyous. And that means your life will be happier too as your feline buddy showers you with affections of gratitude. (You know, as much as a cat possibly can!) What better stress relief there can be than that?