5 Benefits of Cat Trees for Your Pet Cats

Cat trees are far more than just an impressive and cool looking piece of cat furniture. In fact, experts suggest that a cat tree is a healthy climbing alternative for domestic cats. If your pet is an indoor cat, then a cat tree is a fantastic way to ensure that your beloved cat gets enough exercise – including lots of climbing, stretching, scratching (many cat trees include scratching posts built right in), jumping and all sorts of fun play! And, even if your cats do venture into the big, wide world outside – a cat tree is a nice alternative for them to play in when they do come inside.

So, here are the top 5 Reasons why a Cat Tree is GREAT for your cat (especially indoor cats):

  1. It almost guarantees that your lazy indoor cat (hey, no judgement here – I have one of those!) will exercise. This gloriously oversized cat toy is such a treat for cats, that it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll want to sniff and explore this new piece of cat furniture. And once they get curious, well, it’s all over! They’ll literally be all over the new cat tree.
  2. Climbing – Cats naturally want to climb. It’s just how they’re made! But, for indoor cats especially, climbing is often something that they get in trouble for doing. (Think of your kitty climbing up on the office chairs, living room chairs, etc. They often get reprimanded for doing this, when in fact it’s just something they’re wired to do!) Cat trees come in all sorts of sizes and heights – some even reach nearly to the ceiling! That will satisfy the climbing desire for just about any cute little cat. Cats love to find high spots to hang out.
  3. It’s all theirs – Humans and cats often have to share furniture. I have scratched-up chairs and a sofa to prove that point! But, when you invest in an awesome cat tree, the cat can be cozy and comfortable and have a piece of furniture that is entirely for them. Cats seem to love having that comfort of a place that is all their own.
  4. It’s a great sleeping spot – I really love the types of cat trees that have built in hammocks! Even if your cat tree doesn’t have that feature, you’ll find that your cats will naturally be drawn to their cat tree home as a spot to curl up and do what cats do best – NAP! This is because many cat trees also feature cat beds built right in. 
  5. It’s a scratching post – Again, some cat trees have this feature, and some don’t. But, with either sisal rope or carpeting, any cat tree will just naturally be a place that your kitty wants to call their own. Scratching is a way that cats mark their territory, and a way that they release stress. We want our little buddies to release all that pent up anxiety! So, scratch away on your new cat tree, kitty cat pal! When I see my little ginger tabby scratch away (in appropriate areas, ahem!) I feel happy to know that he’s chilling out in his own way.

Reasons Why your Cat needs a Cat Tree

As we’ve discussed, there are many important reasons why your pet cat needs a cat tree. It’s a piece of furniture that is entirely theirs, it’s a great place to hide out and play, and of course it’s a place they can scratch away! We hope you’ve discovered reasons why a cat tree is beneficial to cats. Long live the kitty!

Our Favorite Cat Trees on Amazon

Below, find two of our favorite cat trees on Amazon. (One is a sleek version by Vesper that is gorgeous! If you want a cat tree that doesn’t look like one, that’s the one to choose. It consists of cool wooden cubes, sisal covered scratching posts and of course, a sleeping perch for cats. Love it!) They always come with FREE SHIPPING! Happy shopping, cat lovers. As an Amazon Associate, we earn a small commission on any sale you make through us, at no extra cost to you. Thanks guys! It helps us keep this site running.

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Cat Tree – Vesper Scratching Post with Condo – Walnut Furniture

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