Which Cat Tree should I Choose?

So, you’ve made the big decision to invest in a beautiful new piece of furniture for your cat friend – a cat tree!(Also known as kitty condos, cat caves, etc.) Cat trees range from small, rather simple pieces that include a scratching post with a built-in sleeping space above to large, truly tree-like pieces that reach right up to the ceiling! (Some of these are indeed very impressive. Too bad they don’t make human trees! Oh, wait…I guess that’s all those things we call trees in the forest! Never mind…)

Take your pet into account when you start to shop for a cat tree. Do you have one cat, or many cats? What size is your pet? What kind of personality do they have? If you’re a multi-cat household, you might want to think of purchasing one larger cat tree, or maybe even a couple of smaller sized ones so that your pets have choice.

The size of the cat tree should match the size of your cat

If your cat is small then a smaller cat tree will probably suit them very well. If you have a larger cat who is a natural climber (I have one like that!), then a larger and more intricate cat tree will probably provide them tons of happy climbing fun! I love thinking of all the cats out there and their adorable reactions when they first see their new cat tree!

Materials of cat trees: carpeting versus fabric

The types of material on a cat tree can really vary, too. Most of them are made of sturdy wooden structures which are then covered with a combination of carpet and sisal rope.  I find that the cat trees that do have carpeting (rather than a soft material covering) are more durable.

Take your time and research the vast array of different cat trees, and keep your cat in mind when making your selection. Cat trees with multiple levels are great fun – cats can hop and jump around and up and down. But, make sure to measure the space you have for the cat tree to ensure that it will fit properly, then check it against the measurements provided for the cat tree you’re buying.

Which cat tree should I choose? Conclusion

All in all – cat activity trees are a fantastic way to treat your pet! I hope you find just the right one, and that all your cat pals will be thrilled with their fun new piece of cat furniture.

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