Tabby Cat – My Life With Milo Blog #5

I love life with with my tabby cat Milo! He’s a quirky little guy with strange little ways but that is what makes him lovable. Everyday he gives us smiles and laughs which we need more than ever. One of the most amusing things Milo does is what we call “watch me while I eat!”

My Tabby Cat Milo, Watch Me While I Eat!

The cats that I owned previously always wanted privacy when they went to eat. We even had one cat who would get angry if you hovered near her while she was eating. And I get it as this is a vulnerable position for a cat to be in so they instinctively want to protect themselves.

While Milo is a different cat when it comes to eating. Yes, he has quite the ritual! If we are both home, he will come up to both of us and give a short meow or stair at us or rub against us to get our attention. Once he has our attention, he starts trotting to his bowl. He will look back at bit to make sure we are coming and stop and get us if we are not following. Also, if only one of us comes to the bowl, he will go and get the other person as he wants both of us there.

Once we are both there, my wife starts to pet him on his back and I talk to him and say silly things like, “enjoy your trition Milo; have your food groups; have your sustenance” and so on! Yes, that sounds weird but for some reason, Milo relaxes, sits down and starts to eat. And we keep doing this while he eats. I guess it is a source of comfort for him.

A Variation of the Process

Now if only one of us are home, he will come and get the person whose home the same way and bring them to his bowl. If it is my wife, she will pet his back while he eats as per normal for her. However, for me the process slightly changes. For me he will get me but instead lead me to our office room and there he will lay on his back and I will rub his belly for a few minutes. I think this relaxes him enough or perhaps gets his taste buds going, I am not sure. However, once I do this, he will lead me to his bowl and I will talk to him as already mentioned and he starts to eat.


Maybe it is because he sees us eating together. Perhaps he can sense that my wife and I are relaxed when we are eating and conversing together. Whatever the reason, I think Milo wants to mimic that for when he eats. As a result, his eating has become quite the ritual for us! We think it is great as it brings smiles to our faces every time he does it. It makes us appreciate our tabby cat even more. It also brings a little fun in a sometimes dark world which is needed more than ever. Thank you Milo for doing that!

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