Coronavirus Distractions – Cute Cat News and Stories

Wow, there certainly is a lot going on in the world today. And if that is a vast understatement, well then I apologize! With news bombarding us with grim statistics at every moment of the day, I’ve decided that there is one thing that may allow us a bit of happy distraction. You know where I’m going with this – it’s CATS!

So I’m going to search the Internet for the funniest and cutest cat pictures, stories and videos to share with fellow cat lovers. If you have a suggestion of an upbeat story or video to share, please leave a comment below.

Tubby Tabby Cat Slims Down & His Owners Adopt another Kitty

Over on the Huffington Post, there’s a rather adorable tale of a pretty tubby tabby cat that happily slimmed down – with help from his friends! Symba was an adorable overweight kitty, but his new owners helped him out. As a happy update to this cute story, Symba’s owners have now adopted a new cat friend!

Does Your Pet Cat Really Need Cat TV?

Huh. Who knew this was even a thing? The New York Times asks if your cat will really benefit from a TV subscription entirely for them. Or…is it just a silly phase for cat owners? (Because, let’s admit it: we cat lovers ARE suckers for a new product for our fur babies!)

Cutest Cat of the Day – Lil Bub, the Cat whose tongue sticks out

Have you seen this little darling? I guess Lil Bub is already quite a famous cat, but I didn’t know about this sweetheart! Check out Lil Bub’s Instagram page, and prepare to be utterly charmed. So cute that other cats must be wondering why their tongue can’t stick out in such a groovy way.

Okay all, that’s the cuteness and cat-ness for our first Coronavirus Distractions Cats series. Hope you enjoyed! Again, please email us or leave a comment if you’ve got cat cuteness to share.

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