Tabby Cat – My Life With Milo Blog #2

As we were driving to the north part of the city to pick up our tabby cat Milo, you could feel the excitement between us. We were getting another cat and this time a boy! My wife always had girl cats since she was young but this time we wanted a boy kitty as she has heard that male tabbies were pretty affectionate and lovable. We even bought a nice new carrier for Milo with a soft blanket to make his trip home as comfortable as possible. Yes, we were ready to pick up our Milo!

Clues that Milo Would Be a Complicated Tabby Cat

When we got to the place to pick up Milo, we were meant by a very nice lately who said that my wife’s email to her was touching and knew that we would be the right owner’s for the kitten. She said she had over 50 responses to her ad but she thought that we would be the right fit. We asked a few questions such as his age and she said he was seven weeks old but had him for a week. Both of us kind of looked at each other knowing that this little kitty was taken away from his mother too early.

She then said that the kitten would do better by herself because the kitten and their cat were not getting along at all and it had to be separated. As a result, their cat had to be blocked upstairs as it was losing hair because of the kitten. She then said that the kitten attacks your feet and bites constantly. This made it difficult for her autistic son to deal with.

We then asked where was the kitten and she said he was under the couch as he was always hiding. She went to get him and he attacked her hand and ran away. There were a lot of alarm signs that indicated that this was not the kitten for us.

We Did Not Care – He’s Our Milo!

However, a funny thing happened. My wife and I looked at each other and in our hearts and minds, we did not care. This was our Milo and he is coming home with us. We both knew that he would be a tricky cat to raise. But all we saw was a scared little kitten who needed to be safe. So we put him in our carrier and paid the $80 and left with Milo. We probably should have asked more questions about the previous owner and why they gave Milo away so early and why the current owners gave up on him only after a week? But we did not care Milo was ours!

Home With Milo

When we got home to our apartment, we opened the top of the carrier to have a look at our Milo. There he was looking straight back at us with his beautiful blue eyes. We just smiled and we took a picture. I then opened the front of the carrier and he walked out. We put a dish of food and water in front of him and he slowly meandered to it. He then starting eating some food. We were both thrilled to see it! My wife even took a short video of Milo eating and welcoming him to our home. Our tabby cat has arrived and my life with Milo now begins!

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