Stainless Steel Litter Boxes – Hygienic and Easy to Clean

Let’s talk litter boxes! No, litter boxes are not the most glamorous or fun parts of having an awesome pet cat. But, they are absolutely essential. Most cat owners – ahem, cat companions – need to have at least one litter box in their home. Even if you have an outdoor cat, you’ll need to still have a litter box on hand to provide a bathroom for your cat when they aren’t outside. Or, say, when the weather is terrible out and they logically want to stay indoors.

Many of us city dwellers have indoor cats – meaning, our pets do not venture outdoors. So, especially for our pets it is vital to choose well when we decide on a litter box.

Why a stainless steel litter box?

Stainless steel is a high-quality, hygienic option for litter boxes. Just look at some of the benefits of a stainless litter box, versus more traditional materials like plastic:

  • Odour resistant – the stainless steel will not absorb the stinky smells! Stainless steel is very resistant to absorbing any smells at all. A real plus, since we know how stinky cat litter can get!
  • Rust resistant – Stainless is also rust resistant!
  • Durable – Stainless steel is strong and durable. This litter box will last you years upon years, if not decades! It is truly built to last a very long time. (In fact, the stainless steel litter box we are featuring – the Ohmaker’s Ohmbox – is intended to last a lifetime!)
  • Healthier for you and your cat – More and more people are resistant to using plastics. If you’re trying to avoid plastic materials in your home, then having a stainless litter box is an excellent alternative.
  • Easy to clean – the stainless material prevents clumps of litter from sticking to the surface. This makes scooping out the litter clumps much easier! Plus, when you empty all the litter out of the box to do a more thorough cleaning, stainless is an easy material to clean out well. Just wash thoroughly with hot soapy water, then dry well before filling it with fresh litter for your kitty.

Ohmaker Stainless Steel Litter Box- – Non stick and never rusts. Current price $94.95 but please be aware that prices can change. Right now there is a $10 off coupon, making your purchase price $84.95!

So, when you need to get a new litter box – and one that will really last for a LONG time….think of a stainless steel box! Your cat and the environment will thank you.

Best Cat Litters to fill the new litter box

A few of our favourite cat litters

Fill up that new shiny litter box with some of the best premium cat litter. There are more choices of cat litter now than ever before, so you can find something just right for your cat pal and you. We’ve also written a number of articles all about different types of cat litter. For now, here are some of the best selling types of cat litter you can buy online.

  • Arm and Hammer Clump and Slide litter makes it very easy to change your cat’s litter box. This formula makes it easy to thoroughly clean out the box, with no scrubbing necessary! Multi-cat formula means it’s intended to stand up to use by more than one cat. 100% dust free too. 4.5/5 star review
  • Cat’s Pride Total Odor protection cat litter – A nice large jug of this litter, and it’s one of the best bargains of the litters we looked at! Premium clumping cat litter with no added scent or fragrances. 15 pound jug will keep you in cat litter for quite a while. Low dust formula. 4.5/5 star review

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