62-inch Large Cat Tree with Scratching posts, hammock, ladder & more!

This is a fantastic and fun piece of cat furniture to add to your household. Cat trees are a wonderful gift for your kitty, because they make absolutely perfect spots for cats to play, climb, scratch and – a cat’s favourite activity of all – sleep!

Go Pet Club F67 62-Inch Cat Tree, Beige

The features on this Go Pet Club cat tree are many, and impressive. Look at all these wonderful aspects of this kitty condo:

  • Tall 62 inch size, with a sturdy base
  • a Total of 7 different scratching posts covered with sisal rope – ideal for lots of kitty cat scratching! (Read about why it’s so important for your cat to scratch on a scratching post.)
  • A kitty hammock
  • A sisal covered 3-rung cat ladder for your pets to climb up and down
  • 3 different fabric-covered lounging areas (or sleep zones!)
  • A tunnel
  • A rope to bat and play with
  • A perch at the very top (some cats just love climbing up high and hanging out at the very top of a cat tree!)

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