Cat Cafe Halifax – Java & purrs in Nova Scotia!

Cat cafe Halifax, huh? What is a cat cafe? It’s a place where you can have a cup of coffee and at the same time spend some quality time with a feline friend. It’s a trend that started in Asia but now has taken North America by storm as cat cafes are popping up everywhere! It makes sense because there are cat lovers everywhere and many of us love to a cup of java also. So it’s merger the best of two worlds!

Halifax, Nova Scotia

What’s not to like about Halifax? You have the ocean right there. You have history all around you and you have people who are the most charming that you will ever meet! Also, many of these people are cat lovers who cannot have a furry buddy in their life due to finances, a busy schedule and so on. But they do miss hanging with a cat friend and would love to have some cuddles in their life. Fortunately, Halifax now has a cat cafe. Finally, cat lovers can go and get their cat fix and have a cup of coffee too! (Just a head’s up – the location is actually in Dartmouth.)

Cat Cafe Halifax

Lily Pad Cat Lounge – Located on 590 Portland St. Dartmouth, this place is actually a cat lounge due to the fact it doesn’t have a full cafe in it. Instead it has a small store front where you can purchase cold drinks, tea and Keurig coffee is available. It also has a small range of snacks and baked goods. There is an $8.00 entry fee for adults and children under 12 can get in for $5.00. There is also adoptable cats available.


Cat lovers in Halifax now have an option to get the quality time they need with a cat buddy as there is now a cat cafe in Halifax. Times are indeed changing! So have a cup of joe and get a scratch and cuddle too. Because, cat cafes are here to stay. Long live felines!

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