Cat Trees Barrie Ontario

Are you looking for cat trees or other cat furniture in Barrie Ontario? Good news! You will have a lot of places to choose from. This is because there are a lot of cat lovers in Barrie. And cat lovers pamper their feline friends with love and good things. A cat tree is definitely a good thing. And no wonder as what other gift can provide your cat with exercise, relaxation, and fun all at the same time? That is why it is a must have for all cat people. So where can you buy one in Barrie?

Cat Trees Barrie Ontario

Pets Ave – Located on 110 Little Avenue Unit 6 in Barrie, this pet store offers in store shopping, curbside pick up and delivery. Their website shows that they offer a selection of cat trees, cat condos, pet scratch perch, pet tree house, pet tree basket, cat scratcher, and cat scratching board.

PetSmart – This pet store chain has locations at 33 Mapleview Dr West and , 544 Bayfield Street #3. They have in store shopping, curbside pickup and delivery. There website shows that have a nice selection of cat trees, cat towers, cat condos, scratching posts, and cat beds.

Pet Valu – This pet store chain has five locations at 555 Essa Road, 617 Cundles Road East Bldg. A3 3 Unit 1, 165 Wellington Street West, 632 Yonge Street, and 531 Bayfield Street North. Depending on the store, it might offer in store shopping, curbside pickup, and delivery. If you go to their website, you see that they offer a large selection of cat trees, cat tree condos, cat scratchers, hammock cat condos,  cat condos, café scratch house, cat scratching post, kitty sill, cat cubby and kitty condo.

Online Option

If you are like me and do most of your shopping online and rather have a cat tree delivered to your home. Here is a nice online option below.


Cat trees and kitty condos are aplenty in Barrie. Yes, why not get your furry buddy the ultimate gift? If you do, you guarantee your cat friend years of fun and bliss. Also, because of their happiness, you will have years of cuddles and snuggles as they express their joy! What can be better than that? Take care fellow cat lovers!

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