Cat Trees in London Ontario, Finding fun for Felines!

Why look for cat trees in London Ontario? If you are a cat lover and want to show your furry buddy you love them, this is the ultimate gift! Just think of all the fun your cat can have with one. Your feline buddy can climb it; scratch on it; sleep on it; jump on it. The fun never stops!

Also, there are many benefits such as your cat will be healthier, happier and will love you more than ever because you were the one who made their life better! So is it possible to find a cat tree in the London Ontario? The answer is a resounding yes! Here is a list of a couple of locations where you can purchase a cat tree or kitty condo.

Cat Trees in London Ontario

Little Whiskers – Located on 300 Exeter road Bld 4 Unit 13, their website shows as large selection of cat trees and kitty condos. These items have a wide range of prices to fit any pocket book. There is also a nice selection of scratching posts, wall perches, pet stairs and even bird cages. Also, there is free shipping on all orders.

Pet Smart – With various locations throughout the London area, each store has a selection of cat trees. On their website there is an extensive list of cat trees/kitty condos, cat beds and scratching posts. The website also lists other services it stores provide such as cat grooming services and cat adoption.

Online options for cat trees

If you just can’t get off the couch to go search for a new cat tree (or any other piece of cat furniture) then we’ve also got you covered! Of course, at this time online shopping is also a safe shopping option. So, we wanted to share with you one of our favourite cat trees:

  • Four level cat tree with three distinct sleeping/hanging out areas: a covered cave, a top plush bed, and a full-level size hammock. Sweet!
  • Sisal covered posts mean your cat has loads of places to scratch to their little hearts’ content!
  • A dangling ball toy near the top can get sluggish cats up and climbing to play with the toy.
  • Consistent 4.5/5 star ratings means this is a customer favourite.
  • 46.5 inches in height – a nice, mid-range cat tree. Not too tall or too tiny a piece of cat furniture, and something that will fit into many spaces in your home.
  • Back to the hammock – I love that this is a full-size hammock, so even larger cats can enjoy sleeping there. A lot of cat trees DO have a hammock, but often it’s so tiny that the bigger cat wouldn’t be able to enjoy it at all.
  • Current price $119.99 with FREE Shipping. Please note that prices can change at any time, and that this is the current price at time of writing.


What can say “I love you” more to your kitty friend then getting them a cat tree? Think of the fun and adventure your cat will have as they explore their precious gift. Just think of all the cuddles and squeezes you will have with your cat as they express how much they appreciate you. Imagine, how you feel knowing that your cat loves you dearly? You’ll feel ten feed tall and all smiles. Now that’s pet therapy!