Cat Tree Calgary – Finding Cat Trees in Alberta

Looking for a cat tree in Calgary cat lovers! We’re back with a review of options for finding great cat furniture, cat trees or kitty condos and this time we’re searching in Calgary, Alberta. Ahhh, Calgary – home of the nearby Rocky Mountains, home of the Calgary Flames, and of course – home of a lot of adoring cat parents!

If you’re searching for a cat tree for the first time, you may be a bit confused about different features, sizes and even costs. And you also may feel confused about where to look for a cat tree or kitty condo for your pet. So, we’ll take some of the pressure off you and help you find a cat tree that is just right for your little feline bambino.

Calgary has a wide variety pet stores that carry cat trees and jungle gyms for cats. (There is a difference! The jungle gyms are ones that have a whole bunch of different activities built in for kitty, whereas the true cat trees are usually simpler pieces of furniture.) Here is a list of local Calgary pet stores and specialty shops that usually carry cat trees for sale:

Pet Stores and Specialty Shops that sell cat trees in Calgary

  1. Petland – with 5 locations in Calgary, you’re sure to have a Petland shop near you. This is a national chain, and when you sign up for the Petland newsletter, you also receive special offers and coupons.
  2. PetValu – is my favourite pet store in Calgary, bar none! (Their Perfomatrin grain free cat food is the ONLY one my ginger tabby will eat! I highly recommend the Macleod Trail location – they are very helpful.) They have a wonderful selection of scratching posts, and all sizes of well constructed cat trees. Check out their flyer online to check for sales of up to 25% off cat trees – a significant saving! There are a total of 7 Calgary-area locations of PetValu, including one in Okotoks, and one in Airdrie.
  3. Twisted Tree Cat Furniture – is a funky company based out of Airdrie (which basically is a suburb of Calgary now!) These are simply astonishing cat trees that look like REAL trees. And this is an Alberta-based business, and the owner – John – is a true artisan. I adore this website, and all of his creations! Oh, and he does custom creations. Win-win-win!

Other places to find cat trees in Calgary

Finding a cat tree in Calgary can also be likened to a bit of a treasure hunt! Sometimes, just asking around to your cat-loving friends will reveal that there is a cat tree to be had for very little – or even FREE! Or, posting an ad on or Craigslist might get you a great little cat tree for a great price. Searching those same sites are also a great way to snag a good deal on an awesome cat tree or kitty condo. You have to be quick though – a real bargain on a cat tree will likely get snagged quickly – so contact the poster and maybe you’ll find a bargain!

Online Cat Trees at

Sometimes, you just want to slump with your kitty on the couch, coffee in hand and tablet in the other – and order your pet a cool cat tree online! If the chilled out method if your preferred method of shopping for necessities (and yes, around here we DO think that cat trees, cat food, cat toys and kitty treats ARE necessities!) then look no further. Here are two of our current favourites on We only pick options that have FREE SHIPPING. We’ve chosen a big, bad boy cat tree (72 inches tall, woah!) and a more modestly sized piece of cat furniture. It’s all about balance, friends.

Favourite Amazon Cat Trees

Go Pet Club F2084 72-Inch Cat Tree, Beige/Black
$126.09 with FREE Shipping
Price is current at time of writing; prices can change at any time.
This gorgeous, oversized (a full 72-inches!) cat tree is packed with climbing, napping spots for kitty, and hiding spots for kitty. An excellent choice for multiple cat households.

PETMAKER 80-PET5081 Cat Tree Condo 3 Tier with Condo and Scratching Posts, 37.5″, Brown and Tan
$76.95 CDN with FREE Shipping
This smaller sized cat tree option is well constructed, contains two large scratching posts, a little cat cave for kitty to nap in and hide (cats LOVE to hide – especially nervous kitties) and a perch to hang out on. A total of 37 1/2 inches in height, this tree will fit in a lot of spaces.

Cat Tree Calgary – In Summary

Cat lovers – I hope you find the option that is just right for your beloved pet. A good, solidly constructed cat tree or cat condo can last years (or even decades!) and provides endless hours of fun and comfort for your pets. Cats love having their own space to nap (all the time!), scratch and play. They love to climb and perch up high – and a good cat tree can provide all of these for your cat, and therefore keep them happier and healthier. Hooray for our favourite buddies – the wonderful, quirky cat! We wouldn’t have them any other way.

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