Cat Cafe Ontario – Coffee, Felines and More!

Updated on January 29, 2024

Are you a cat lover and are looking for a cat cafe in Ontario? There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and being greeted by your feline buddy. With each pet and cuddle your stress lessens and your smile increases. It is true relaxation therapy!

But what happens if you cannot have a cat friend in your life due to circumstances? As cat lovers, we need our kitty friends in our lives. It’s in our DNA. What can we do?

Thankfully there are cat cafes to help fill the void. Yes, not only can you have a cup of java but you can do it while cuddling with a furry friend. Yes, cat cafes are growing in Ontario which means many cat lovers can still have their quality time with a cat buddy. Lovely! Here are a few below:

Cat Cafe Guelph Ontario

My Kitty Cafe – Located about an hour west of Toronto on 117 Wyndam Street N, this cafe has an extensive menu of dishes, desserts, and hot and cold drinks. It also has a large number of cats that can be adopted for a fee.

Cat Cafe Port Hope Ontario

Toe Beans Cat Cafe – Locate about an hour east of Toronto on 119 Peter Street, this cafe has a lunch and dinner menu along with snacks, beverages and a coffee bar. The cafe is totally gluten free and has vegan options. It also has a large number of cats and some are available for adoption.

Cat Cafe Ottawa Ontario

Feline Cafe – Located on 1076 Wellington Street W, this cafe has a nice selection of drinks and snacks. Online orders can be shipped or picked up at the store. There are usually at least 10 cats in the lounge. These cats can be adopted for a fee, and they have successfully found homes for many cats.


Cat lovers in Ontario no longer need to be denied quality time with a feline friend! With the growth of cat cafes in Ontario, you can have the best of both worlds. So have your coffee; pet your furry friend and enjoy life to the full. Long live cats!

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