Cat Cafes Edmonton – Having Java with Felines in Alberta

Do you love cats? Do you love coffee? What do you get when you combine these two loves? You get cat cafes – and thankfully, these wonderful places are becoming more and more popular!

What is a cat cafe?

So, exactly what is a cat cafe? A cat cafe is a cool place to hang out – to grab a cup of coffee and at the same time have some cuddle time with a furry feline buddy! (If you think that the combination of good coffee + cute cats = wonderful, then you’re in the right spot!) Why do cat cafes exist? Likely because there are a lot of cat lovers in the world, but not all of them have the opportunity to have a pet cat of their own. So what better way to get your cat fix than to visit a cat cafe?

Edmonton Cat Cafes

Edmonton, a beautiful city in the heart of Alberta oil country is well known for its sports teams and world famous West Edmonton Mall. More recently, however, it’s also becoming well known as a haven for cat lovers. Why? Because Edmonton sports two very popular cat cafes! Hooray! So, if you’re looking for a different, and unique coffee spot, check out these two:

Cat Cafe on Whyte – Located on 10111 82 Ave NW, their website states that this is Alberta’s first cat cafe. They serve high quality coffee and specialty drinks. There is also a cozy lounge where you can hang out with some feline friends! Also, as these cats are rescue cats, you have the option to adopt if you fall in love with them.

Paws The Cat Cafe – Located on 10588 109 St. NW, this cat cafe has a cover charge which provides you with a beverage and quality time with some feline friends. (At time of writing the cover charge for entry to this cat cafe is $13.) You can have a selection from their espresso bar, or a fresh pour over coffee. They also serve italian soda, or a specially curated tea. As these cats are rescue cats, you can also adopt a little buddy. To date, this cat cafe has adopted out 206 cats. Amazing! It warms our hearts to read of that particular statistic.

No longer do cat lovers have to endlessly search YouTube to watch cat videos to fill their missing cat void. (However, YouTube cat videos are awesome! ) Instead, Edmonton feline lovers can go to one of twoss local cat cafes and have the joy of petting, snuggling and hanging out with real cats. And you can enjoy a nice cup of java to boot. Long live cat cafes!

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