Can Cats eat apples? Are apples healthy for my cat?

Hello, fellow cat lovers! Today we’re answering another common question asked by cat lovers everywhere: “Can cats eat apples?” You might wonder if apples are a healthy snack for your pet. You might also be concerned that apples are toxic to cats, and that they might make them sick. Let’s find out…

Are apples okay for cats? Are they toxic for cats?

Good news! Apples are not toxic for cats. That means that if they ingest some apple, they’ll be okay. But, unlike humans, fruit generally isn’t a common food for cats. Because it is so high in sugar, it is not an ideal regular food for cats. Instead, choose a really high-quality cat food that includes all sorts of protein, and other nutrients your best buddy needs.

But, if your cat really loves the taste of apple – then an occasional treat of a piece of peeled apple definitely will not hurt them. But, you can find high protein treats that your cat will love, and that will provide them with more of the healthy nutrients they need to thrive.


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