Can Cats Eat Cilantro? – Or Coriander?

Can Cats Eat Cilantro? I love Cilantro! I could eat it everyday. It is a great garnish. If you are having either a Thai or Indian dish, it enhances whatever you are having. Some do not like the strong taste of Cilantro (or Coriander as it is the same thing) as they find it overpowering to a dish. Not me though, it is great! However, can I feed it to my Tabby boy? He likes pretty much what I eat most of the time. However, I also know that some plants can be quite toxic to cats. Does Cilantro fit in this category?

Can Cats Eat Cilantro? Yes They Can

Yes they can eat it! According to the ASPCA’s website, it says that Cilantro is non toxic to dogs, cats and horses. This is great! However, it is probably good not to give too much to your cat as cats are naturally carnivores.


Cats can eat Cilantro. Nice! This is great news for my Tabby boy! As he no longer has to stare at me as I have my favorite Curry or Thai dish and lick his lips with yearning. Now I can give him a little nibble of Cilantro to help him take the edge off and both of us can enjoy my supper. It is a win win situation, we both enjoy what we want to eat and he longer has to beg me for what I am eating. Well, until dessert that this, and then it is back to square one!

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