Can cats eat banana? Is banana toxic to cats?

Hello, and welcome to our latest question: Can cats eat bananas? Are bananas toxic to cats? Cat owners often want the answers to questions like these, because they want to know what is safe or dangerous for their dear buddies – their pet cats!

Are bananas safe for my cat to eat?

Bananas are not a toxic food for cats, so if your cat eats banana occasionally it’ll be okay for them. But remember – cats aren’t like us, and they don’t need to eat fruit to stay healthy. In fact, bananas can be very high in sugar, which is not healthy for a cat. So, while it is okay if you occasionally give a tiny piece of banana to your pet cat, the cat shouldn’t regularly eat bananas. Having a high quality cat food will ensure that your cat gets all the nutrients they really need.

Can cats eat bananas? It’s our question of the day!

Can my cat get sick by eating bananas?

While bananas aren’t a toxic food to cats, they shouldn’t eat much banana at all. Maybe use it as a very occasional treat, and always discuss your food related questions with your pet’s vet. The extra fiber in bananas could cause a bit of tummy upset in your cat, so please always check with your veterinarian before feeding your cat new things like banana. And definitely don’t give them much banana when you do feed them this as an occasional treat!

Cats eating bananas – Conclusion

It is far more important that your pet get a really healthy, nutrient-filled cat food than that they have occasional fruit treats. While bananas are not toxic to cats, they definitely are not a food they should have very often.

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