Cat Trees Amazon – Great Cat Furniture for your pets

Hello cat lovers! Good to see you again. Today in our never ending quest to find the best cat trees online we are heading straight to Amazon. Yes, Amazon has a wonderfully complete collection of all kinds of cat trees. Whether you’re looking for small cat trees, oversized cat trees for large cats, or anything in between – Amazon really does have you covered. And we had a rather fun time perusing all the types of cat furniture to find our favourites!

So, without further ado – let’s find out all that we discovered about the cat trees you can purchase with just a click at Amazon! P.S. All of these have FREE SHIPPING, which we also love.

Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Multiple Levels and Scratching Posts

Beige Multi Level Platform Cat Tree
Current price $95.84

Please note this was the price at time of writing & prices can change at any time.
  • Lots of opportunities for happy scratching sessions on this cat tree! Your cats will love that it has loads of sisal rope covered scratching posts. This ultimately helps reduce the amount your cat will scratch things they shouldn’t – like the curtains or couch!
  • Well constructed and sturdy.
  • Carpeted cat tree. Many cat trees use faux fur now, but I prefer the carpeted cat trees a bit more. Carpet seems more durable over time. (If you’d like to see more of the AmazonBasics carpeted cat trees, simply click here.)
  • Little hanging ball toy near the top for your kitty to bat away at and play.
  • Fun multi-level design encourages climbing and play – and exercise! We need to keep our feline pals exercising, even when they really don’t want to.
  • A couple of levels large enough for your cat to lounge out on and have a snooze. And sleeping is, after all, a very cat-like thing to do!
  • Customer rating: 4.5/5 stars with my favourite customer comment being: “Great cat tree. Very sturdy even when the cat jumps up and down and climbs with energy. It took only 20 minutes to assemble!”

PAWZ Road Cat Tree with Condo for Large Cats – Grey

PAWZ Road Cat Tree with Kitty Condo for Large Cats and Multi-Cat Household
$119.99 with FREE Shipping
Please note price is accurate at time of writing; price changes can occur at any time.

Now we have something a little more elaborate! This cat tree gets a lot of complimentary reviews from all the customers who have purchased it for their feline friends – a solid 5 out of 5 star rating!

  • Faux fur covered cat tree.
  • Comes with an awesome little side hammock, which the little kitty in the photo above is happily perched in. Some cats just love a hammock! It’s the perfect spot to take a cat nap, quite literally.
  • Two big, oversized cat condos or cat caves built right in! Not only are these a nice spot for your cat or cats to relax in, but they’re also a perfect place for timid cats to hide in.
  • An excellent oversized perch at the top for scoping out their feline territory. Cats love to go up high, so these top perches are often the very most popular spot to hang out in!

Feandrea 59.3 inch (Nearly 5 feet tall) Cat Tree with Lots of Perches and an Oversized Cat Cave

Here’s another impressive offering! This time, it’s by Feandrea, a brand we’re rather fond of around here.

Feandrea Cat Tree/Cat Tower with Perches and Cat Condo plus Scratching Posts
Current price $139.99 with FREE Shipping
Please note that prices can change at any time.
  • This is one of our favourite cat trees around here – it’s pretty striking to look at, and gets consistently high reviews by buyers. In fact, this one is a 5/5 star rating! Impressive!
  • Lots of fun levels
  • An extra large cat cave/cat condo should fit most cats. Even the big ones!
  • Two soft and plush cat perches for your cats to curl up in and fall asleep. Awwww. I always find watching a cat sleeping a very soothing thing to do, but then I’m a cat nut!
  • Sweet little mini hammock near the base.

Cat Trees Amazon – Conclusion

Amazon definitely has a lot of amazing cat trees and cat towers to choose from! I appreciate that most of their cat trees have a lot of customer reviews, so you can read carefully what other people have to say about their purchase. This helps you feel more confident about your purchase, since a cat tree is definitely an investment.

From small cat trees up to soaring cat indoor playgrounds, they have something that should suit every household, cat family AND budget. Your cat will certainly thank you for this awesome piece of furniture that is entirely their own.

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